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Before your child reaches this stage, decide how you’re going to act the first time your child throws a tantrum because they didn’t get their way. Recognize they are growing up (often faster than you’d like) and they are able to do things they couldn’t in the past. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. My husband and I like to play “Let’s Make Sister Stop Screaming” and the big sisters hate it.
I want to add that if it’s something important or costly to the older two, like American Girl anything, it doesn’t go into the toddler’s hands. There are days when I feel like a contestant on “Survivor.” Both the toddler and I are trying to outlast, outplay, and outwit one another.
The toddler will be 3 in about six months, at which point I’m quite certain I will get my sweet girl back. An adult that swings between terrible and terrific as often as a two year old usually ends up with a psychological diagnosis. A two year old can take you through the process of loving or despising even the thought of having more children multiple times within an hour if you rely solely on your feelings. The picture above represents a difference in responses from my son on his 2nd birthday during a span of 14 seconds.
It has been said a million times but we parents have such a hard time getting this one through our thick heads.
Encourage, equip, and challenge men to be the leaders of their families, lovers of their wives, and examples to their children.
That is a dreaded phase for most parents and then other parents look at you with pity when you tell them your child just turned two. Tell them no hitting, no biting, no whining or whatever they’re doing which you deem is not acceptable behavior.
It also means being sure you have a snack with you in case they get hungry while you are out and about.
Tell them 10 or 15 minutes before you have to go someplace so they can start transitioning from one activity to another. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. She was our last baby and between that and her far from perfect arrival into the world, I’ve always looked at her differently. I guess it’s possible that they were so horrible that my memory repressed it, like when you have a baby and forget what labor is like the second you hold your newborn and you say, “I’d do it all again in a heartbeat!” Maybe Mother Nature knew if I recalled any of it I would never go back for a third helping, thereby depriving her of entertainment as she watches me suffer the wrath of a two year-old.

She starts acting up and I freeze, as though I’m hoping she won’t notice me as she’s having a tantrum because I gave her a pink cup instead of a yellow one. I can’t blame them since the rules are simple: If the toddler has something, don’t you dare take it away from her because if Mommy hears her scream one more time today then she is going to lose it. I’ll take one for the team and pry it from the toddler’s crazy strong grip and suffer her wrath.
It’s a constant game of reverse psychology (“Oh, these carrots aren’t for YOU, they’re for ME!
I am not talking about a reactive time-out to a bad behavior, but a proactive process of training your child to sit for a predetermined amount of time. I write and speak on technology, biblical parenting principles, education, and parenting medically special needs kids. If you must go out to the store, try to do it during the part of the day they’re generally in a good mood.
Make a big deal out of their putting their clothes in their dresser or helping you set the table.
So even if the toddler has something that belongs to her big sisters, we revert to The Toddler Rules of Possession and it belongs to the toddler. The Ezzos remind us that kids are going through some of the most dramatic changes they will experience in their entire life.
With the little ones we start out having them site with hands folded and legs crossed for a few seconds. Your child needs to be rested and can’t be hungry if play dates are going to be successful.
Rather than be reactive to what they should not be doing we need to work on being proactive and telling our kids what they should be doing.
By avoiding trips outside the house when you know they’ll be cranky you can avoid a good deal of problems. Find things they can do which will give them a reason to shine and for you to be proud of their achievements.
I’ve enjoyed her milestones as she’s grown, knowing these are the last times I’ll see one of my children take her first steps or utter first words.
Or maybe my older two, who are 18 months apart, entertained one another enough that they didn’t get bored and think of ways to terrorize me like I swear my toddler does now.
99% of the time, whatever the toddler has found and declared “Mine” tends to be something that the older two have long since discarded.

Save yourselves.” I also feel that this game benefits me in that this reinforces to the older two the lesson I have been trying to teach them since the baby started walking.
She’ll want to snuggle on my lap or will allow me to buckle her into her car seat without any overdramatic theatrics about buckling herself in. Your kids get to make a mess of the driveway and at the same time they are seeing bright colors as they feel the resistance of the chalk against the concrete as it make s very distinct sound.
In most cases kids at this age have a short attention span so you should not expect your child to play nice in the sandbox with three other kids for an hour and a half while you talk with your friend. She’s really been such a great baby – a good sleeper, eats well, and has had a lovely disposition. I know they had tantrums and had independent phases and symptoms of the Terrible Twos but there was never a full blown attack. They like to play it late in the evening, just before bedtime, when their father and I are exhausted and have no patience left. The trouble is that once she has an interest, the discarded item’s worth has suddenly reappeared in the eyes of the original owner and doubled in value. Before you know it you have a two-year old who can sit for a few minutes at your request in a public place without getting up. So really, despite my toddler being my third child, this is all new territory for my husband and I.
The only winners in the game are the parents because we just send everyone to bed as quickly as we can, yet they still play it on a daily basis.
Like the show, my opponent is unpredictable and has mood swings that keep me guessing and on my toes.
Our friends the Ezzos tell us and we have proven the fact that parents are the ones who have a hard time learning FTO.
As the Ezzos teach, one of the most important thing to remember with something like self-control training is that you can’t expect your child to do in public what you have not trained in private or times of noon-conflict.
Unlike the show, and possibly to both of our disappointment, we can’t vote one another off.
I feel like I should try to stop this instead of just standing here like a deer in headlights but it’s kind of working for me right now.

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