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Our Thomas & Friends Toddler Bed chugs into kids? hearts with all of the warmth and character of Thomas the Tank engine. Toddlers can journey to dreamland then awaken bright and shining in their very own Thomas the Train bed! The Thomas the Train Toddler Bed is made of hard plastic construction, and pieced together with parts that fit together like a puzzle, and reinforced by screws.
There is storage in several parts- a small cubby in front of the train that would fit pj’s and a favorite teddy, a nook behind the face for some small toys, and two small compartments on top for books or other knick knacks. There is a molded rail along the side of the train, so your bunchkin can run little trains along the railway path and then store them in the cubby when it’s time for bed.

The Thomas The Train Toddler Bed is available from Little Tikes for less than $300 and is suitable for children 18 months to 5 years old. If you really want to thrill your kids, you get them a fantasy bed, and that is what this toddler bed from Little Tikes is…a toddler’s fantasy. We reviewed this awesome bed as ambassadors of Little Tikes- for more cool toys, check out Little Tikes.
I have never been into Thomas the Train, but I have a nephew that would go crazy over this.
With the Little Tikes Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed, your little conductor will be on the fast track to a good night’s rest.

I frankly wasn’t that thrilled with the bed bars we were using up to now, on an excessively high bed, so we are very happy with the Thomas The Train bed from Little Tikes, and more importantly, our son really loves it. It’s outfitted to hold books and small toys, and features a special storage bin for PJs. Tracks along the bedrails are just right for toy trains and cars, making bedtime something to look forward to.

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