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It was hard to get used to throwing our used toilet paper in the trash instead of flushing it! Rather than having your child’s toy cars scattered throughout the house, create this nice little toilet paper roll garage. Cardboard is awesome for seed starters because the cardboard will degrade and decompose over time. If you need a place to store pencils, pens, and other office supplies, then create this neat and cute stationary organizer.
Decorative art mirrorAdd some decoration to the walls by creating this decorative art mirror. John Brown University takes pride in its tradition of throwing toilet paper on the court in celebration of the first home bucket of the year. John Brown University takes pride in its tradition of throwing toilet paper on the court in celebration of the first home bucket of the year.Making a Mess on PurposeOne of the most surreal traditions in sports happened last month, on Halloween no less.
More StoriesThe Biloxi Shuckers' Epic Road TripTwenty-eight players, 54 road games, 60 days and a $36 million stadium: how the Biloxi Shuckers spent their summer vacation. For instance, using used food containers, or butter containers, for storage is a simple means to avoid throwing the empty container in to a landfill. If you have a fireplace, you could make use of the used rolls as a method to start the fire.

Plumbing Repair Mableton invites you to also take a look at our article on A Visual History of Plumbing. After seeing all these amazing crafts you can do out of spent toilet paper rolls, you’ll feel sorry for throwing away so many of them in the past. We had a really crappy situation and we took it and turned it into something nice and happy and beneficial and of service.'To information on how to donate go to Mr Dean's Blog, Frogs Don't Wear Tights.
But whenever we finish a toilet paper roll, we often quickly toss it into the trash without giving it a second thought.
Spray paint numerous toilet paper rolls a solid color, and then attach each roll to a piece of cardboard. You can offer it brand-new life by making using of it for saving leftovers or other products.
With the help of these detailed tutorials we are sharing (and the many more you can google yourself) you can easily create a kids toy, decoration, gift wrapping box or favors and many more. Finally, place them around a mirror.If interested, you click here for the full step-by-step tutorial.
Many students would raid dorm storage units for toilet paper rolls and sneak them into the game.
The rolls make terrific holders for little items that are tough to wrap, such as fishing baits. After several years, school officials started to recognize the toss as a JBU custom.There has been some confusion in the past with fans making the toss after a made free throw instead of a field goal.

The paper, roll and leaves will light swiftly, making it less complicated for you to have a roaring fire place for those chilly, winter evenings. Attach poem that says something about not opening it, hold it close, think of me, it’s filled with love. Charmin was a first-time sponsor for the event, providing 2,000 rolls of toilet paper for fans at the game.
Another 2,000 rolls were donated to a local food pantry.Kent McDonell, a junior mechanical engineering major at JBU, dances in the student section dressed as a roll of toilet paper. Several JBU students use some of their toilet paper supply for a last-second costume.Easily the most popular game of the season, attendance at the Toilet Paper Game usually exceeds the 1,800-seat Bill George Arena. It took just under four minutes to clean up the mess before play could resume.It starts just raining down on the court. And it's awesome."Jason Beschta, JBU men's basketball head coachStudent Ethan Penner, left, joins the Golden Eagles mascot in cleaning up the court.
It wasn't until after the game that janitors could clean up the entire mess.JBU cameraman Zach Koym records the rest of the basketball game covered in toilet paper.

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