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Stages of newborn puppy development - birth to 12 weeks, This article explains puppy emotional and physical development week by week from a newborn puppy at birth until 12 weeks of age..
Puppy development timeline - cheryl's cocker s, Cheryl's cocker spaniels specializes in happy, healthy american cocker spaniel puppies for sale as family pets in iowa, near missouri, kansas, and nebraska.. Local pet shelters are in constant need of people willing to adopt dogs and cats and offer the cheapest and safest way to make a purchase.
Just a few clicks on the Jacksonville pet section of Craigslist is all John Dolores needed to find his first catch of the day. The appointment, which Dolores made without being asked for any identifying information, was set up for 10 a.m. An investigator and supervisor for the city's Animal Care and Protective Services division for 10 years, Dolores sensed from the conversation that he'd tapped into one of the common dangers facing dogs, cats and consumers citywide — illegal backyard breeding. Dolores said pets found in such operations, along with less frequently found but larger puppy mills, are usually kept in poor conditions and are sold without state-approved health certificates that must be signed by a veterinarian. The certificates are designed to protect consumers by ensuring the pets they are buying have received the proper shots and care. It is also illegal to sell animals younger than 8 weeks and, in cases of large breeding operations, a breeder's license must be obtained before any sales can occur.
An enhanced animal protection ordinance enacted in Jacksonville 18 months ago has given the city's animal protective agency more enforcement power over illegal pet sales.
People who sell pets illegally cut costs by not getting them the proper care, said Scott Trebatoski, division chief for the city's animal protective agency. One of the most common advertising tools has become the Internet, with Craigslist leading the way, Dolores said. When Dolores visited the Westside Craigslist seller last month, he found six puppies scampering about in the backyard, including a few that made their way under a fence to greet him.
Casey Tibbitt told Dolores she was selling the puppies for her mother-in-law and didn't know she had to have a health certificate for each one. Mother-in-law Sherry Hue, 57, later told Dolores she had no idea the dogs were being sold and insisted she'd treated them well. Dolores cited Tibbitt for the illegal sale, since she answered the phone for the Craigslist ad, and Hue for not ensuring the dogs had rabies shots and city tags. Two other Craigslist sellers caught by Dolores after his Westside visit were selling single dogs, which he said poses as much of a problem for consumers as a backyard breeding operation if the dogs are not healthy. Gary Millan said he was selling his year-old border collie, Lil' Bit, because he was being evicted from his North Jacksonville home. Dolores found Pike working at Merrill Animal Clinic, where she was selling one of two Chihuahua puppies she said she'd rescued from a home a few days earlier.
Dolores showed her the ordinance covering the sale of pets and wrote her a $250 fine for doing it illegally. Dolores said he often gives people who sell a handful of animals an initial break by limiting the number of citations they're given, unless they are uncooperative or the conditions warrant a stiffer penalty. Violations of Jacksonville's ordinance have also periodically been found at pet shops and flea markets. Dolores and another investigator visited a handful of pet shops and flea markets last month with mixed results.

Six breeder names were missing from pet signs at Pampered Paws on Beach Boulevard, while one of the dogs also didn't have a health certificate. The investigators also cited Pet World owner Lynn Lamoureux for not having a license posted correctly. The investigators found no violations at flea markets they visited on Beach and Ramona boulevards. Dogs used for breeding in puppy mills and other abusive set-ups can spend their entire lives in such places, said Cori Menkin, senior director of the puppy mills campaign at the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Haynes, who runs a Jacksonville animal rescue group called Pet Rescue North, was given two dogs taken from a puppy mill in Mandarin in 2009. Those who work at Jacksonville's animal protective agency couldn't agree more, especially with all they see. With limited budgets and little enforcement personnel, authorities must rely on reports from the public to ferret out puppy mills, backyard breeders and other trouble, said Paul Studivant, division chief of St. I unfortunately had a horror story related to the business named Pampered Paws, one listed in this story. The officers from Jacksonville Animal Care and Protective Services spent a recent Saturday checking pet stores and flea markets for proper sales of dogs and cats.
That includes the ability to levy fines against breeders, pet shops, flea markets and individuals selling animals. Trebatoski said the risks include buying an animal that will eventually become sick or possibly sicken other animals in the home. The father and mother were both tied up — the mother had a chain wrapped around her neck — without any obvious sign of shelter. Dolores said it became clear to him that he'd hit on an illegal backyard breeding operation from what Tibbitt said next.
Court records show she'd been convicted in 2002 of animal cruelty, though details of the case were not available. The dog appeared to be thin and had just been given a bath, making Dolores suspicious of his condition before he arrived. She said she sold the first dog and was selling the second — both for an $80 "adoption fee" — in an effort to recoup the money she'd already spent on them. Those businesses not only need to show health certificates, but must also post the names of breeders of each pet so that consumers can research them before making a purchase. Owner Tammy Beaver, whom Dolores and Trebatoski said has been the subject of consumer complaints in the past, admitted to the violations.
Lamoureux said she made a technical mistake but it doesn't reflect how she cares for her customers or the pets she sells. Wilbur Brindle, a breeder who passed the inspection at the Ramona Flea Market, said he's seen others in nearby booths and outside the market who violate the law. Trebatoski, the division chief, said the public can help by doing their homework before buying an animal and by reporting any problems to the proper agency. Coincidentally this article was posted only 6 days after the death of my newly purchased puppy from Pampered Paws. Neighboring counties rely primarily on state laws, with the toughest penalties levied for animal cruelty.

In a separate case, she took in a dog covered in so much feces it had to be washed multiple times and then shaved. Morris and Animal Code Enforcement Supervisor John Dolores spent a recent Saturday checking pet stores and flea markets for proper sales of dogs and cats. I told the agent that there was an issue back a few years ago and my son's father was cited for that issue because he answered the door which I was told I was going to be cited because I answered the door so I was responsible.
We tried relentlessly to contact the owner of the pet store before rushing the sick puppy to the emergency vet. At the time of purchase I spoke with the owner via one of her employees cell phones & she insisted that if anything were to happen, to contact her at anytime and also stated that if the dog seemed sluggish "to just feed her a fruit loop!" Upon arriving at the emergency vet. They also then informed us that it was illegal to sell this animal without presenting the customer with the health certificate issued on the animal. Also informed us of the Florida Pet Lemon Law - in which holds the seller responsible for any veterinary expenses.
Hue an illegal breeder or accused us of running a puppy mill but we are the main subject for an article called "Backyard breeders, puppy mills pose danger to dogs, cats and consumers" and we weren't even cited for that violation!!! On the way to the pet store from the E.R , the owner finally contacted us and said that she would meet us at the store. I am however, not blaming these young ladies she has working for her in this store, for they know no better & think they're doing what is right for these innocent animals.
From there, we chose not to leave the animal in the care of the pet store and once again, reached out to the owner to ask about how she wanted to go about payment on the vet bill.
We then took the dog to Briarcliff animal hospital in which they admitted Sniffles for two days. She finally got discharged and came home with us, only for us to attempt to nurse this poor baby back to health.
I was given directions to syringe feed her every three hours, and this being baby food, prescription dog food, and boiled chicken & rice puree'd to go into the syringe. We had a dinner reservation with my fiances parents at their home & took Sniffles to meet her grandparents.
She seemed to be weak & began sniffling and coughing again - so we decided we would take her back into Braircliff to get her check up the next morning.
Well, I woke up, on my 3 hour schedule, to feed her and when I reached to pick her up - I realized she was limp. Needless to say I was heart broken & hysterical but we rushed her back to Briarcliff to make sure. We then ordered an autopsy to present for evidence that we did everything we possibly could in order to save her life, and the results prove that we are not at fault. Among much research on this woman and her company, I have become aware that this is not the first time this woman has done such things with these poor innocent animals. So, my story is indeed a lesson learned but, I want to make it known that this woman has wrongfully treated these animals and pre-warn anyone considering this company for anything.

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