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In this photo, the trainer is opened up to show the inner layer of cotton velour (so they can feel wet). He also had a second pair for nighttime; they were pull-ups with no snaps and could be stuffed. The customization options are incredible: you get exactly the size you need, in the fabrics and prints that you want AND with the style options that work best for your child.
They don’t look like diapers, even the snapping versions that making cleaning up number 2 so easy. Add to that Hope’s personal service and the high-quality materials she uses, and you can see the value is built into the price. Meet the BloggerI'm Anne, a wife and mother of seven here on Earth, and one child in Heaven.
View DetailsITEM D ESCRIPTION mkool Cute Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys with Funny Aiming Target.
Ah, Jared and I spent 5 days relaxing and rejuvenating ourselves on the beaches of the Dominican Republic thanks to all of his hard work over this last year.
Let me start from the beginning because there are oh-so-many-details to include in this one little post. After many a conversations with friends, I decided that the Three-Day Method made total sense to me. As Christmas approached, I started talking to Harper about Big Girl Panties - how only babies used diapers, how she was a big girl now and wouldn't it be fun to wear panties, how Santa wanted to bring her a special present of big girl panties. Then the week of Christmas, out of the blue, the Squirrel started saying she wanted dinosaur underwear. On Christmas Eve, the girl had a rough night of sleep and Christmas night was the same story.

So The Squirrel woke up from her nap, we went naked from the waist down just like I'd read and did a little show and tell with T-Rex. And now I leave you with all of my "teaching pictures" from Day One and Two and then ones since then that I just found humerous. This post totally got away from me but before we are too far away from Christmas, I wanted to post a little reminder for the future about Christmas 2012. Christmas Memories - Harper loved the camels; Harris was great for about 20 minutes and then he had enough of sitting still so we had a little date at the back of the room.
Christmas Eve - Our church had a 3:30pm service for the first time ever and with the kids being as young as they were, we decided to give it a try.
Christmas Day - We had an early riser, and by early, I mean Harper woke up at 5:45am singing Jingle Bells.
Christmas Memories from the whole season - Harper didn't shed a single tear when it came to Santa. Peek In Our World by Brooke Meabon is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. Check out my past posts on  J&N Baby (very affordable and great for experienced potty learners) and Snap-EZ (wonderful for all ages and stages) and Flips (affordable, reusable and adjustable). You can order custom daytime or nighttime trainers with lots of different options – pull-up styles, snapping styles, fold-over-elastic pants with or without snaps, and trainers with stuffable pockets. Of all the trainers we’ve tried, these are the priciest, but they are also VERY high quality and well-made. Hidden inside is an additional layer of Zorb, a highly absorbent but trim synthetic fabric.
She kept in constant touch about my order and double-checked twice over to make sure all my specifications were met before sewing AND after completion.

It’s no wonder that most of the trainers on her site are sold out almost as soon as she lists them. I wish we could have gotten more, especially because 2 trainers don’t last very long with many accidents at the beginning. My blog is a helpful, friendly place for families to learn, swap experiences, and just have fun. This is a high quality sticker that can be applied to your car's window, bumper, or just about any smooth clean surface. The Froggy training urinal is designed to encourage and motivate our little man towards getting potty trained.
We put away the timer that was buzzing every 15 minutes to tell us to stick her on the potty. I headed to her room to lay down and see if I could get her to fall back asleep but she was so hyped up that it was no use. These are ideal for very early potty learners and for heavy wetters because they are SO incredibly absorbent, and the vast array of prints makes boys and girls (even those who are older) eager to use and wear them. They are so well made that they will easily last for more than 1 child, even after heavy use.

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