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For the millionth time, just because I dona€™t want kids doesna€™t mean I dona€™t like kids or dona€™t support my friends having kids. Still, when my besties started having babies I cana€™t say I wasna€™t worried about things changing a€“ I knew that they would. For other green ideas check out environmentally friendly baby products from celebrity eco-parents like Jessica Alba and Soleil Moon Frye: Green gifts. Having Kids is Terrible for the Environment (The Washington Post)a€?Do you have children?a€? Ita€™s a question Ia€™ve gotten repeatedly in my travels, as cultures everywhere celebrate children and womena€™s ability to produce them.

I have three amazing and perfect godchildren and Ia€™m a childrena€™s author – I need kids! I want to be a loving a€?auntiea€? and hope that my childlessness isna€™t a cause for concern. At WNK we promote an environmental agenda and prefer when people decide to have children they consider their carbon footprint by having green babies.
Now, information from local income tax data provides some specifics, with a snapshot of the different types of families across D.C.

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