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It may be a while before they can talk, but you can still plan ahead and pick a cute nickname for Grandma and Grandpa!
McKenzie says that this step protects everyone, but should be included in your prep-for-baby regimen.
While you might like your showers scalding, babies have skin that’s much more sensitive than the average adult.
McKenzie says, again, you should do this as soon as kids begin to sit up — and know that all stair gates are not created equal. According to McKenzie, even the flatter, lighter TVs most families have these days can cause injuries like skull fractures.
When you put your child to sleep, McKenzie says to do so Alone, on their Back, and in a Crib.
Well before baby comes home from the hospital, you’re probably going to think about the car seat. In the last couple of weeks I have personally been touched by horrible accidents that happened to toddlers in their own homes. Stairs – install secure baby gates, and teach babies from early what the correct way of going down steps are.

Cords – blind cords and electric cords are killers, so ensure that they are completely secure and out of reach of any child and adjust it to the shortest setting. Bookshelves – Many  ALL toddlers like to climb, ensure all bookshelves are secured to the wall to prevent it from crushing your child when they do use it as a ladder. If you own a flat screen tv that is standing on a plasma unit, it is in reach of your child and can fall on top of them. Drowning dangers: ensure that your child does not have access to any water, especially when you are not looking.
Balcony – ensure that the rails are the correct size and height and that no furniture pieces are placed directly next to the rails for them to climb on. Even before a little one becomes a crawler, you’re probably already noticing all the things that might topple, tangle, or cause an injury.
In honor of Baby Safety Month, I talked to Lara McKenzie, a pediatric injury prevention expert at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, about what exactly you need to lock up, anchor, and check around the house.
McKenzie developed a free app called Make Safe Happen, which you can download for Android and iPhone. It made me check my own house again for items that could possible hurt or even worse, kill my toddler and child.

Please ensure that the small toys do not land up in the toy bin rather lock them away or get rid of it completely.
If you can not secure the tv with wall straps at the back then look at mounting it to the wall. They will climb up items to get to it so never never NEVER let them have unsupervised access to any.
With a pressure-mounted gate, there’s a small chance your child may pop the lock — a chance you don’t want to take. If this is too much for you, or you are worried that you will miss something then get a companie like BabyProofesionals to asses your home. Make sure you have done your cpr & first aid training, you never know when it might become handy. The general rule is to have your house baby proof by the time your little one is mobile, even then those curios fingers will show you what you have missed.

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