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Here are some practical things to do when your babysitter arrives for her first day on the job.
Facilities: Show your babysitter the tea, coffee, snacks, TV and bathroom facilities for the evening. Settling Strategies: Warn the babysitter if your child is likely to wake up during the evening. I would like to say that the web site is well constructed, easy to navigate and best of all has found me a fantastic babysitter!
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If the parents follow a certain routine with the child, stick to that routine as much as possible.
Think of a variety of activities that you can do with her during your time with her to avoid boredom. For transitions such as going from a preferred activity to a non-preferred activity, use pre-transitional warnings (ex: you have 2 minutes left before it is time to clean up). Shannon TaurozziShannon is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who has been providing Applied Behavior Analysis services to children with autism and related disabilities for over six years.
Babysitting any child that you are unfamiliar with can be a challenge initially, but going into the situation prepared and knowing what to expect will make the experience a positive one for everyone involved. If she is getting upset or having a tantrum, and she see’s you becoming upset as well, her behavior is likely to escalate.
You don’t want to let children get away with not following through with demands, however, take into consideration any limitations she may have before placing the demand.

If she is having fun spinning in circle, spin in circles with her and then make a game out of it.
She has worked in a wide variety of applied setting including preschools, elementary schools, homes, and clinics.
Shannon started as a direct therapist for children with autism, and then decided to pursue a graduate degree due to her passion for working with children with developmental disabilities and their families.
While in graduate school, she had internships that included inclusive preschool classrooms, in-home therapy settings, and a model classroom for the Pennsylvania Verbal Behavior Project. Shannon earned a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Delaware, and a Master’s degree in Education, focusing on early intervention and autism from the University of Pittsburgh.

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