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Feel free to ask any nutritionist or bodybuilder if you don’t believe us, but the secret to a perfect body is a good diet. Instead of spending 3 hours in the gym, twice or three times a week, it is better to have daily mens fitness routines that last an hour. We know you are a busy woman, irrespective of whether you go out to work or have chosen to spend your days looking after your family.
However women who steal time to take care of themselves claim that they are able to fulfill their responsibilities more effectively. Therefore today we share with you 20 easy tips to take care of yourself while you are on the go. As a woman ages, her eyes need additional care, something she tends to overlook in her beauty regimen. Fortnightly Foot Soak: Give your feet special treatment by taking out 30 minutes once in 15 days (that’s 360 hours!). We strongly recommend our peppermint & tea tree Bath Salt – Foot Soak for an easy, effective pedicure at home! Fizzy hair, falling hair, rough hair, dry hair, limp hair – Hair can so often give a woman sleepless nights.
Biobloom’s Almond Milk Moisturizer enriched with Vitamin E is very effective for all skin types. Drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water is the most essential part of anyone’s daily routine.
Whether you like the casual mens style or you like to dress more elegantly, one thing is for sure: any piece of clothing will look better on you if you are fit. This means that you have to establish a level where you want your body to get and you mustn’t stop until you reach that level.
The best thing to do is consult a nutritionist in order to get a diet that is personalized to your life style as well as to your goals.

A strong back and stomach maintain posture and prevent injuries therefore you should do core exercises every day. If you follow these instructions you will get the desired result without wasting time and effort.
Every woman takes care of a hundred things during the day and most are too exhausted to look after themselves. However, since you need to make the most in a short time, picking out one pain area to focus on for 1-2 weeks will help you see results faster. And believe us; it will take away a lot of frustration you may be feeling about not being able to find time for herself and the anxiety of hair fall. Well, a face scrub is important as it helps exfoliate dead skin and lends a lasting glow to the face. Right before you doze off, taking 30 seconds every night to apply the under-eye gel will help get rid of fine lines, dark circles, and make your eyes look fresh. If you have ever said to yourself, “Let me skip the pedicure, there is no time,” you are not alone. Fix two days in a week when you will not leave the shower without spending 30 seconds on each foot, scrubbing the heels. But more seriously, it can cause much bigger damage to your including sun burns & even skin cancer.
It not only does wonders for your health but also leaves you with great looking skin & feeling great. However, given the sedentary lifestyle imposed by office jobs, few man ever find the time to work out. You stretches should be held for 30 seconds if you are under 40 and for 60 seconds if you are older.
Exercising for longer than an hour will release stress hormones that will block the testosterone and will therefore impede your muscle development.

It needs only about 3 minutes, and one great way to do it is to place the scrub bottle in your shower. Involving others will take away the burden of finding time for the task and you will enjoy it even more. Make sure that you apply sunscreen to all exposed parts of your body every time you have to go out in the sun. Knowing that you have already paid for the subscription will motivate you to go as often as you can. Furthermore, your diet should also be correlated with the amount of time that you spend in the gym each day. Fix a time – A Saturday night or Sunday morning shower when you can take those extra 3 peaceful minutes in the shower.
For best results, apply sunscreen 20 minutes before stepping out and reapply every 2 hours if stay out especially if you have been sweating.
You must apply sunscreen every time you step out during the day irrespective of the weather or season. However if you apply a few simple tips you will find out that it is not necessary to spend hours at the gym each day in order to look good.
While we understand that you can’t avoid make-up altogether, make sure you get rid of it as soon as you get home at the end of the day. Whether you want to finally get rid of that gut or you are interested in sculpting all your muscles, check out these amazing mens fitness tips!

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