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Now that you've taken the time to examine more closely your teaching style as well as the needs of your individual students, it will be easier to tailor your approach to the needs of the student.
Likewise, the student who is afraid to speak because they don't want to make a mistake needs to know that everyone makes mistakes, and it's perfectly acceptable.
Doing the same thing all the time can be difficult for learners who are prone to boredom or lack a defined motivation to learn English.
Even getting out of the classroom and going on a field trip once in a while can spark a student's interest and get them to open up.
The words you are using as you go through your lessons may be too much of a challenge for some students. If you are wondering whether to book your language course through an agency like ESL or directly with a language school, take five minutes to read this article.
Liverpool is one of our favourite destinations for learners of English who are looking for something a little different. In 1900, the north of England was one of the most productive and successful regions anywhere in the world. Italian cuisine has reached further around the world than Julius Caesar’s troops could have imagined.

One or more might be just the thing to get your students talking and enjoying learning English. In other words, do they really want to be there, or are you going to have to work a little harder to gain their interest? For example, giving lengthy lectures or complicated explanations won't work when what the student needs is short, clear instruction with real-world examples of the words and phrases used in conversation. One way around this is to include a variety of learning methods that will engage these students. Incorporate projects or role play a€“ perhaps even invite a guest speaker in to give the students another perspective. Be mindful that some learners will respond more positively if you speak slowly and enunciate clearly so they have plenty of time to process everything you are saying. While you may not want to repeat yourself for fear of boring your class, they may actually crave the repetition as it gives them opportunity to review the words more than once. Many students are highly visual learners, and pictures can really help to anchor the words in their minds. Dealing with learners who are reluctant to speak because they are shy or self-conscious can be a challenge.

Lots of laughter and encouragement can break the ice and create a more relaxed atmosphere in the classroom. Revisiting the same words as you build new phrases can allow you to take advantage of repetition while adding to their vocabularies. But as an ESL teacher, you know your students will never gain fluency if they dona€™t feel comfortable enough to speak. Plenty of choral responses offer these students a way to practice reciting the new words along with the rest of the class a€“ thereby taking the pressure off of them to perform alone in front of everyone. Other ways to engage students are flashcards, magazine and newspaper articles, photographs and drawings.

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