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Whether you’re a new mum or you have a PhD in child-rearing, this handy little book is full of humorous but helpful advice on everything from babysitting to breast pads and will help you through the burping, whining and tantrums - and not just the ones from your partner! Winter Travel Tips to Help Families Through Security Airports will soon be buzzing with thousands of travellers getting ready to visit family and friends or simply to escape the cold weather.
13 Tips for Successful Baby Travel Over the past 3 years we’ve learned a lot about what makes or breaks a trip with an infant. Tis the season for ski vacations We love winter and this year we decided to focus our winter vacations on ski resorts rather than sunny skies. How to prepare for a flight with your little one Travelling with a baby can be overwhelming – especially when trying to decide what to pack in your carry on.
Do you want to work together?Are you interested in having us promote your travel related products or services on this website? Etta and I collaborated on a couple of newborn photo sessions a few weeks ago and I thought I’d pass along some tips I picked up along the way. I’ve read that the best age to take newborn photos is in the first 14 days, while the baby is still very sleepy.
Choose a spot in your house that gets good natural light, then open the blinds, curtains, etc.
I also turned on the white noise machine we have in the bedroom to dampen the noise of the house and keep her calm.
However, babies are unpredictable and it is often difficult to get the pose you want or effect you are looking for. Here are some baby photography tips to get you started as a parent who wants to capture special moments with good photos. It is best to have a digital camera, but, of course, any camera will do the trick and hold the memories. If you have a very active baby you may find it difficult to get photographs that are in focus.
Baby photography is exceptionally rewarding both at the time and over the many years to come when you look back at the memories.
Q-tips® cotton swabs are gentle on skin because they are specially made with more soft cotton at the tip* than any other swab! Moisten Q-tips® cotton swabs with warm water to clean your baby's outer ear, folds of the neck or between toes, nostrils and eyes. Dip a Q-tips® cotton swab in rubbing alcohol to clean around your newborn's umbilical cord.
Q-tips® cotton swabs are great for applying medications and ointments to minor cuts and bruises – they are convenient, clean and disposable. Q-tips® cotton swabs are soft and gentle, making them perfect for cleaning your baby’s small fingernails and toe nails.

Apply antibiotic cream or ointment to newly pierced ears using a disposable and sanitary Q-tips® cotton swab.
Q-tips® cotton swabs are great for removing residue and buildup from baby bottles and sippy cups.
I would like to ask the same question as Nan – how do you get such lovely skin tones and also what lights do you use in the studio?
But if you’re like me and are comfortable with your DSLR, kind of a cheapskate (ahem… raises hand) and your baby is (somewhat) cooperative, give it a go!
I put two of our dining room chairs on the side of the bed, with the backs of the chairs facing the side of the bed. Yes, I think people don’t realize what goes on behind the scenes at professional photo shoots and how much effort and editing those perfectly posed photos must take! I have a newborn and was trying to take some pics of her on just a blanket on the floor the other day. I was a first timer for my daughters newborn shots (with my other two we had professional shots). I have one shot of my two daughters together (not shared here) that is among my most favorite photos of all time. As a parent you will want to capture all of the cute moments as your baby develops and progresses.
A digital SLR camera enables you to take better and more professional photos and with greater ease as you learn all the tricks.
With a digital SLR camera you can change the settings so that you can get clear images without blur. Here you try to capture moments when the baby is busy with an activity or with friends and family.
A course in digital photography will help you to master your camera quickly and get the basics for good photography. Press firmly in the grips of the shoe to remove excess dirt and particles picked up from walking around the house and outside.
The Q-TIPS® trademark can only be used to refer to the specific cotton swab products manufactured and sold by Unilever and should not be used to refer to cotton swab products of other companies or to cotton swabs generally.
I love the warm background in the beautiful image your daughter took of you and Gabriel (a white background can be so cold and clinical).
I’m fairly knowledgeable with my camera and photography as a whole but I rarely take my settings outside of (P). I wanted to sneak them in before her skin started peeling or she got a weepy blocked tear duct or cradle cap or all that other ugly stuff.
It definitely gives you a sense of pride doing it yourself, especially when people ask you what studio you got them done at.

If you do not know the basics of digital photography or your camera, it is best to take a digital photography course to get started successfully. Avoid taking photographs in the harsh sunlight as it will cast shadows and photographs won’t be as successful. Make funny faces or noices or even get someone to help you so that they can do the acting and you can focus on taking the photographs. You could even do studio photography courses where you will learn how easy it is to set-up a home studio. Appropriate generic terminology for cotton swabs includes the terms "cotton", "stick(s)" and "swab(s)".
She was in a onesie, but she was just crying for most of it (I was the only one home, so no helpers). The natural lighting was best in our living room, so I used the couch to hold up the white sheet and used the boppy on the floor under it for positioning. Having said that, don’t get so caught up in baby photography that you miss the important moments with you baby!
Then you may also want some creative images where only your imagination is your limit.  People photography courses will give you good tips for your baby photography.
Again, having a digital SLR camera will help you to take continuous photographs and capture the moment without blur.
Also, with a digital camera you can decide what is in or out of focus and create some stunning effects.
Misuse of the Q-TIPS® trademark constitutes an infringement of Unilever's exclusive rights in the mark. She’ll be out of that 2-week window tomorrow, but hoping day 15 or 16 is still okay over here. By waiting you could just miss that moment and by clicking and clicking you are likely to find at least one great shot. I just use my on-camera flash (still very much an amateur here), but I use a product called a Light Scoop.
The advantage with a digital camera is that you can use the continuous shooting mode which will make it easy to take consecutive photos in a short time span. It’s just a piece of plastic and a mirror, but it bounces the flash onto the ceiling allowing the light to diffuse over the whole room. If you’ve ever struggled to get well lit photos indoors, the Light Scoop will be nothing short of a revelation.

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