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It can be embarrassing to have our 4 year old hiding behind our legs, refusing to talk to our friends, or co-workers. Role play is one of the most important teaching tools we have as parents and can really help build your child’s confidence. Pressure turns into a power struggle where your child will act exactly how you don’t want them to act, just to prove that they are in control. When your family is together and you know your child is comfortable, give them the opportunity to lead and be in charge. HeatherHeather used to speak French, wishes she could dance and will almost always choose fruity over chocolate.

We shouldn’t be surprised when we have kids, to find that each of our children are different. This will allow your kids a few minutes to assess the setting, and even meet a few people before everyone arrives. Instead of labeling our children as shy, work with them a little and you will not only see huge differences in their actions but your relationship will be strengthened along the way as you are patient, understanding, and show love.
They like different activities, are scared of different things, and some are more outgoing than others. Explain that there will be new people who want to say hello and ask them their names and shake their hands.

Today we are talking about those kids of ours who are not quite as outgoing as their siblings and peers. They are able to already establish their position in the environment instead of walking into a situation already in progress”.

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