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Parents will often ask me what else they can do besides give there kids medication to address ADHD symptoms and behaviors. My Child Sees Color and Research Says So Does Yoursshannongaggero8 hours agoModVegan Thanks for sharing that story! Kristin Wheeler is a Rhode Islander who was an educator of eight years, has a Masters in Middle School Education, and provides parenting tips, travel tips and ideas, book reviews, and product reviews. Ultimate Valentine’s Day Round-UpTanger Outlets at Foxwoods in CTAnnie Playing at PPAC in RI this December! As a financial blogger and a mother of 3, I can say that as a new parent, I didn’t anticipate overspending money and not being financially prepared when my baby was born. Used baby clothing is a great investment, and if you compare it to adult used clothing, infant clothing are worn less and sometimes, not at all. When it comes to baby furniture, I will say that this is something that you decide as a parent.
When it comes to baby furniture, finding other uses for it will save you money in the long run.
These kinds of merchandise are worth the money because they will save you money in the future.

To help you save money, and keep your finances in check, return or exchange items you think will benefit you and your family. These helpful money saving tips for new parents will set you on the right track as you build your family. Joyce ZahariadisCEO and Blogger at My Stay At Home AdventuresJoyce Zahariadis is the CEO and blogger behind My Stay At Home Adventures.
Department of Education to assist parents, caregivers and teachers in understanding the importance of reading and the role of parental involvement in helping children learn to read.
I had a few outfits that my last son didn’t even wear because he was 10lbs when he was born.
If you know that having 3 strollers is too many (Yes, I received 3 strollers), exchange or return it for something your family will need and use. Being a parent is not about how much things your baby has, being new parents should be a wonderful experience without worrying about your finances. This infographic details some of the things kids will naturally do to address these deficits and offer some good alternatives. The reality is that sometimes we go overboard when it comes to what we think our baby will need.

If you do plan on purchasing a used crib or car seat, always check the recall lists to see if these items were recalled. Kids don’t stay babies for long, you need to find furniture that will benefit your baby and can still be used in the future. Believe me, the majority of the baby merchandise available are not worth wasting your money on. For example: purchasing a crib that changes into a full size bed will save you money in the long run.
Remember that when we do spend a lot of money on our baby, we are doing it more for us, not the baby.

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