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Many home daycare providers have preschoolers in their care who will be entering formal school next year. The program covers four areas of development: Independence, Social, Academic and Fine Motor. Tips for a Fabulous First Day of Kindergarten - Johnson & Johnson Parents You are using an outdated browser. Getting ready for school requires more than having a backpack and the right school supplies. Beyond the Backpack is a super fun way to help both you and your child get ready for kindergarten.
About usCelebrity Parents Magazine is a weekly online celebrity lifestyle and parenting magazine. Legal StuffTo read the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for Celebrity Parents Magazine, please click here. First and foremost, your child will have major gains simply by you reading to him or her daily.
Social skills: A principal I recently spoke with stressed that social skills are just as important, if not more important, than academic skills for children entering kindergarten. Be able to separate from parents: Prepare your child for separating from you by leaving him with a babysitter or enrolling him in a preschool program a few days a week. Name skills: Identifying her name in writing, identifying the letters in her name and being able to write her name are skills kindergarten teachers are looking for. Extra time and specific opportunities will be built into the schedule to allow the children the practice time they need to be successful.
I will continue to make time to help each child progress to the next level of their social development.
This year I will include letter tracing activities and name recognition activities to the program. Time will be spent encouraging the children to draw large loops, diagonal lines, dots and straight lines. Even though our focus this year is not on a themed program, I still plan to take the children apple picking and trick-or-treating in the fall, sledding and feeding the deer in the winter, to the flower festival in the spring and strawberry picking in the summer. It helps answer the question “How do I start a daycare?” It also guides new caregivers through the first year of growing pains, and supports the experienced caregiver with fresh ideas and inspiration. Beyond the Backpack can help you as a parent build and support a solid foundation for your child’s education.
All families want the best for their children and starting kindergarten is a true milestone. Designed like a traditional composition notebook, each page features useful tips and activities that you can do with your child.

It features exclusive celebrity photo shoots, celebrity interviews, breaking celeb news, fashion, beauty, parenting tips and more! As the big day gets closer, it’s important that we, as parents, do what we can to prepare our child for kindergarten. Make is a habit to read together several times a day (Supporting Literacy During the Preschool Years). At kindergarten age, your child should be able to follow basic rules such as keeping in her own personal space, pay attention for time spans such as stories, and be able to follow basic rules. It’s important that your child feel comfortable being with other children and adults. When you are teaching your child his name, be sure to write it using only the first letter capitalized and the rest lowercase.
There are lots of fun ways to work on math skills in this article 15 Ways to Make Math Part of Your Day with Preschoolers. Read books with rhyming, sing rhyming songs or play rhyming games with your child to encourage rhyming skill development.
Erin is currently attending school for her MEd while devoting time to being a single mom of two. Skills will be broken down into manageable steps that build on each other as the year progresses. Our weekly playgroup day will provide us with opportunities to practice these social skills with different peers and in a larger group setting.
We will visit the library to get books that explore the topics and themes the children are personally interested in. By the time children are 3 years old, they have begun to learn the skills and develop the abilities that will help them succeed in school. Ideally, your child will have gained many important kindergarten skills throughout their early childhood. If you are adamantly against your child using scissors that cut at home, invest in play dough scissors. This develops a sense of craving in kids to know more and gradually they become addicted to reading when they are capable of doing that on their own! These playgroup mornings will be a valuable teaching opportunity to prepare the children for the social climate of a Kindergarten class. This is known as a child lead learning philosophy and it is a very popular approach as the children reach an age when they develop strong personal interests. Having worked in the field of education, mainly in early childhood including kindergarten summer readiness programs, I’ve worked to compile a list of tips parents can follow to help children be prepared for kindergarten. For help teaching letter identification through play, read this article: 13 Ways to Learn Letters Without Flashcards.

Play dough scissors will allow your child to practice those essential cutting and fine motor skills with the safety of not being able to cut their hair.
Erin is enthusiastic about child development and education, holding various teaching certifications from Pre-K through Middle School. There are plenty of resources for parents seeking additional help and cute activities for families to do together, such as coloring in patterns, doing an alphabet maze with Wally, and performing a number matching game. You’ll have hours of fun—and learning—together as you prep for kindergarten with the help of Beyond the Backpack and Nick Jr. When she’s not spending 24 hours a day surrounded by children, she can be found flying her TARDIS. Many kids and parents are already used to a school routine by the time kindergarten starts. But there’s something different about sending your little love off to the first day of kindergarten. My child is starting kindergarten in just a few weeks, and I’m realizing that kindergarten readiness applies to both parent and child!
Walk to the bus stop, practice driving or walking to the school in advance to figure out how much time you will need (remember, kindergarteners like to dawdle!). If your child can explore the school playground and campus before the first day, they’ll feel more comfortable about being there alone after that morning bell rings. If you don’t know the parents of your child’s classmates, strike up a conversation with some on that first day and exchange email addresses or phone numbers. Review where important items go in the backpack, and make sure your child knows how to do things like open their yogurt. The teacher may even request that all students keep a change of clothes in the room in case accidents happen.
Practice having your child get up and get ready for school a few days in advance – a fun alarm clock can make adjusting to a new routine and wakeup time much easier. If your child has stayed up late during the summer months, start working on slowly adjusting bedtimes earlier a week or two before school starts. Kids are often fearful that their parents might forget to pick them up or that they’ll be in the wrong place. Take your child to the school and physically walk them through what the pickup process will be like and what they should do if you can’t find each other.
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