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How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training, How to potty train a yorkie puppy - yorkie house training tips - housebreaking yorkie puppies fast & easy. Crate training and yorkies - terrific pets, Crate training your yorkshire terrier is neither punishment nor cruel.
Dog training tips - archive - animal behavior college, Offers dog training schools and animal trainer jobs.. Why dogs get aggressive over food and toys - shiba shake, Some people think that food aggression is a result of food training, or rewarding a dog with food.

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And then I will go on to say there are different sizes of the yorkshire terrier, as I stated before 5 to 7 pounds are the AKC requirement for the standard yorkie breed.
During the time of getting your little yorkie that you have bought from me, I will be provide you with new pictures and video's on my Elainea's Yorkies Face Book  so you can see your little yorkie puppy during the time of getting the flight requested, up until the day that the puppy will fly to your destination. Here in Arkansas, The little yorkie puppies are raised with all the extra care and love to make a healthy, happy little yorkie puppy.

This website collects no personal data, follows fair information principles, and allows first come first choice when purchasing a yorkie puppy.

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