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In this article, I touch upon three key principles, which will start to put you back in control of your home.A  The more challenging the toddler tantrums in your home, the more important it is to have a comprehensive game plan.
In many ways, toddler frustration is understandable.A  Theya€™re beginning to make their way in the world, and find that mom or dad is often saying no or setting limits and they dona€™t like it. And already, the key feature of the emerging tantrum is evident.A  Your toddler is now pulling at your attention. Yes, initially we may see that a child can be a€?talked out ofa€? a tantrum or upset.A  Yet, as time goes on, we see that these efforts to talk the toddler out of a tantrum only leads to more frequent tantrums and tantrums that escalate more quickly and violently. Toddlers need to accept the limits of their reality, and the more you accept this truth — the quicker theya€™ll get through their tantrums and go on to live calmly and peacefully with structure, routine and consistent daily limits.
If not accustomed to this, it is an excruciating experience for mom or dad.A  It can appear as if your child is falling apart!
The problem is that we tend to put adult interpretations on a toddler tantrum.A  We imagine how much upset they are feeling, and think how horrible it would be for us to go through this.
This is not your childa€™s reality.A  They are not feeling the pain they appear to be feeling. Instead, if you stay away from such interpretations, you will find ita€™s easier to stay on track. Honor these three tips and you will be on track for a rapid change.A  In the event that your toddler has severe tantrums that wona€™t go away, consider my Stop Toddler Tantrum Package, which will teach you not only how to eliminate tantrums, but includes bonus tools to build esteem, end whining and get your toddler to calm rapidly. Kid’s room is a place where he or she will be spending a lot of time for such activities as playing, studying, resting, communication with other children and sleeping.
While a room for a toddler boy calls for subdued shades and minimum of patterns, a room for a toddler girl is an ideal place for mixing and matching various prints and patterns and introducing vibrant colors.

Make sure to install dimmers in a room for a toddler girl, which are irreplaceable during the night.
If you have a toddler whose favorite word is “NO”, especially when it comes to food then this article from BabyCouture can help you ease out the stress a little while taking control of the situation.
It is important to include carbohydrate, protein, fat, minerals and vitamins in the right proportion in your kid’s diet, to give him or her, a healthy boost for the future.
Introducing a new food in your little one’s diet can be challenging if it is not an interesting food or does not contain a lot of color and texture. The essential Tips For Picky Eating Toddler is tobring variety to the diet with a little twist and turn. Posted in Baby Care and tagged children eating habit, healthy eating for kids, meal planning for toddlers, toddler's eating habt on March 27, 2015 by Baby Couture India. So besides a comfy bed that guarantees a healthy sleep at night, your girl’s bedroom should be supplied with a lovely playing zone as well as an area for studying. If today your daughter’s favorite personage is SpongeBob, most likely that tomorrow she will be going ape over Cinderella. Security is essential in a bedroom for a toddler girl, so make sure to attach furniture to the wall using special brackets. To start with, you are not the only one whose little angel does not enjoy any meal other than junk food and carbonated drinks.
Most toddlers do not enjoy cereals and vegetables which turn lunch or dinner table into a war zone. BoredFastfood is a collector inspiration channel only and we really appreciate the hard working of origin blogger[s].

So don’t rush with gratifying short-term whims by opting for wallpaper with SpongeBob face, rather opt for a neutral backdrop that can be spiced up with multicolored textile, vinyl wall stickers, curtains, DIY elements, etc. It is necessary to set up some kind of a storage space for storing toys, stationery and other staff. No matter how much effort you put to make your child’s meal healthy and wholesome, children will be fussy eaters, especially if your child is a toddler. Let’s understand first that this is a temporary phase which will pass with a little patience from your side; partnered with a lot of innovation. You can add another magic by twisting the recipes from time to time which can add some excitement flavored with a change of taste buds. If you are working you might not be able to create delicacies everyday so set the right expectation and surprise your bundle of joy with his or her favorite food along with new fun and healthy eating.
For example; a kid who hates banana might drool over banana pancakes or a child who always says “NO” to fruits might find a fruit smoothie interesting. This practice will ensure a good amount of time spent with your baby which helps in their development. Also, children of the age group two to four love to imitate their elders so in the interim he or she will start imitating your eating habits as well. Be it animal protein or vegan protein make it interesting and colorful along with a good presentation to help your picky eater eat happily.

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