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Puppies biting, is a commonly faced issue by all new puppy owners and one that we are commonly contacted about to help rectify.
One of the first steps to stopping your puppy from biting is to understand why they are biting, as unfortunately people commonly only correct the behaviour without understanding what is causing it and giving the puppy an appropriate outlet.
Teach your puppy how to appropriately use their mouth- One of the first steps is being consistent and providing a clear message to your puppy, meaning that the consequence for biting is always the same and ensuring the puppy is always rewarded for not biting. Listed below are some great ways to teach you puppy what’s appropriate to use their mouth with. Encourage calm behaviour and being patted- Hold a treat in one hand and offer it to the puppy, whilst the other hand calmly pats them on the head.
Offer appropriate play items- When playing with your puppy and they go to chew your hand, give a stern “No or Ah” wait a second for their biting to stop then re-direct them onto a toy and praise them playing with it. Keep play session’s short- People very commonly play with their puppies for too long, which leads to their puppies getting bored of their toys and over excited which turns into biting of hands etc.
Don’t attempt to pat an over excited puppy- If your puppy is over excited now is not a good time to try and pat them unless they know not to bite. Play tug with your puppy!!- Unfortunately people are very commonly instructed to not play any tug-of-war style games with their puppies due to old outdated theories, by teaching your puppy this game, they learn appropriate toys to play with, how to let go of items and also impulse control.
Give appropriate outlets during teething- By the age or around 12 weeks your puppy will have his full first set of teeth, shortly after that your puppy will begin to lose their milk teeth and there permanent adult teeth will start to come through. A frozen bone treat can be a great relief for your puppy, as the cool reduces swelling and the bone gives them an appropriate outlet for chewing.
Provide your puppy with plenty of acceptable chew toys, which are regularly changed over to prevent your puppy from getting bored of them, I have found the Kong range of product to be of great quality and long lasting. On this page learn how to stop puppy biting nipping fast and effectively with our selection of the best free puppy obedience training techniques to cure this common problem often associated with puppy separation anxiety & teething and mouthing. If you are after a quick cure then watch the video below or browse the whole page for a selection of free tips. It is important to remember that it is quite normal for puppies to want to test their teeth on lots of different things as they develop, but you still need to stop puppy biting before it becomes a major problem.
During the early weeks of their life their mum trained them what to bite, how to bite and the force that they should use – but they still need to practice! You just need to remember that although it may be normal it isn’t always necessary and you can learn how to train a puppy to stop biting quite easily. Ok so lets get started with the basic principals that you need to understand to stop puppy biting fast and effectively.
Always start puppy socialization as early as possible, as it’s a vital part of dog and puppy training.
Always remain fair and consistent, your puppy will learn faster and respect you as the pack leader and alpha male. Remember to tell the whole family to use the same puppy and dog training commands so it won’t confuse your pooch.

Never ever use any physical force towards you dog or puppy, showing aggressive behavior towards your pooch will teach him that aggressive behavior is acceptable. To stop puppy biting and nipping you need to be able to learn how to train a puppy how hard he should bite.
After you have said no, place one finger under his chin and your thumb under his tongue – keep it there for 20-15 seconds. Spray your puppy on the back of the head every-time he bites you as this can work really well and is less extreme.
Try shaking a can filled with stones ever-time you are bitten – this will startle your puppy into stopping.
We do not condone or use any harsh training techinques we are only stating that they are sometimes used.
If you ever want to get off to a bad start with a professional dog trainer, just make sure you repeat those words and i can guarantee there will be very few that will want to work with you. Very commonly i am told by my clients when I am out working with them and their dogs, that “Chris, this is more about training us, the dog is fine, we are the ones who need the help”.
August 10, 2015 By Ben Butler 14 Comments Sharing Is Caring0430000Today in Pitbull Puppy Training Tips, we’re going to talk about making the first introductions. Introducing a new puppy to a home that already has a dog should be approached with caution, but not fear. If you have a dog that’s already well socialized, then make the addition of your Pitbull puppy one big play date. When bringing home a puppy, it is unrealistic to expect them not to want to explore the world with their mouths, just as young children like to grab everything with their hands; puppies like to do the same with their mouths. One of the main reasons why puppies bite is due to wanting to be social, but not understanding how to appropriately interact with their human companions. People very commonly inadvertently reinforce biting behaviour with their puppies, by patting them when they are mouthing their hands etc, it’s really important if you want your puppy to stoping mouthing that you cease this type of behaviour. By doing this your puppy builds a positive association with hands going over their head and being touched is a good thing.
Make sure to always keep your play sessions short and end on a high note by giving your puppy a tasty treat for good behaviour. Playing tug with your puppy is great but you must first teach them the rules of them game which include- Letting go of the toy on command, biting the toy when allowed, bringing the toy back and not biting hands.
To make a frozen bone treat, place a few raw bones such as chicken wings in the bottom of a 500ml container fill the rest with water then place in freeze till frozen. This technique will normally stop puppy biting in its tracks but it isn’t loved by everyone.
Any information is not intended to replace the advice of a Vet.Always speak to a Vet if you have any concerns about your dog's health. I have recently lost a few prospective clients, as they became rather offended when I hinted to the fact that it is them who needs the training to learn how to effectively manage and teach their dog what is required.

These are the clients that also generally get the best results, as they are open to change and are aware that in order to change and improve their dogs behaviour they must first change how they interact with the dog, as what they were doing previously wasn’t working. This will actually be more about the dogs you have in your home now that the puppy you’re bringing in.
If you remember nothing else from this Pitbull Puppy Training Tips article remember this: jealousy can be the death of a canine relationship.
Would you ever suggest having your old dog smell something that has the puppy’s scent on it to get use to the new scent? I know that working dogs need to be trained a bit differently (we have a farm breed) and it is good to have that info! The other reasons for puppies biting can be due to teething so they bite into objects to release the pressure and try breaking through their teeth, also a common cause is over excitement and the puppy not being given appropriate outlets.
A common mistake also made is humans erratically moving their hands around young puppies especially over their heads, which encourages chasing behaviour, once the puppy bites their hand they then scream and move their hands some more which only excites the puppy and makes the behaviour worse.
Because lets face it, if they knew what to do and how to train their dog, then they wouldn’t be calling me up to fix their problems.
Even though I am great at helping pet dog owners with training their dogs to be an enjoyable companion and resolving behaviour issues,there are still plenty other aspects of dog training that I continually seek to further develop my knowledge and experience in. Generally speaking, you should have an easy time of it, but these Pitbull puppy training tips on introductions should help ensure that it’s smooth sailing. If you know your dog is a friendly pooch just put the puppy on the ground, and let the fun commence.
That could be anywhere the dog already inhabiting the house doesn’t feel particularly possessive of. She is fairly well trained already except, she doesn’t know how to play games like fetch and she chews if she is out of bones.
When it comes to training my own dogs for obedience and tracking competitions I train with other great trainers who have more experience than me and can help show me how to get the best out of my dog.
For example, if your dog doesn’t normally take naps, eat, and all of that in your bathroom, introduce your Pitbull puppy there. And while your new Pit might not get hurt if your other dog snaps or attacks, it might just get the idea that it needs to be on guard against your other pooch.
If you follow the advice I’ve laid out in this edition of Pitbull Puppy Training Tips, you should have no problem with your introductions. The key here is NOT to introduce your new Pit pup and your other furry family member in a place where the other dog feels particularly territorial.

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