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Surrounded by three adventurous little men and her ever patient husband, she's in pursuit of an empty laundry basket, the perfect cup of coffee, and sleep. We at Potty Training Concepts understand this and have created an area filled with disposable toilet seat covers to look through.
This meant we needed to choose a time when we would be home for several days to really be effective. This might mean a small potty, a seat for the regular toilet or a mini urinal — or even a combination. The customers feedback can engage you a great of the value and uppercase satisfaction of the product.
I anticipated the process with Shay would be a breeze — he saw his brothers using the bathroom and I assumed he would want to do the same. I encouraged Shay to pay attention to the fading wetness indicator as well so he could see a visual if he had an accident. Shay got a little piece of chocolate for each successful bathroom trip, along with lots of praise.

Thankfully, with a little persistence and some great tools, we’ve made it to the other side.
There are two parts to potty training readiness: physical readiness and intellectual readiness. Generally, children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years begin to display signs of physical readiness.
This process may be delayed for children with a disability, especially those stubborn little ones.
Physical readiness becomes evident when your child is able to tell you when he needs to go to the bathroom, or he may tell you after he has gone to the bathroom. It is also helpful if your child is able to assist in dressing himself, although this is often a challenging life skill for children who have been diagnosed with a disability.
Understand that these signs may become evident at a later date for a child who has a disability. According to, the process of potty training a child with special needs may not be in place until the child is five years old, or even later in come cases. Ensure Intellectual ReadinessA child who is intellectually ready to start potty training is able to cooperate (to some degree…yes we are still dealing with a toddler!) Intellectual readiness can be challenging to identify if your child displays language deficits.
Assistive technology, such a visual picture cues, may be helpful to ensure a child with language deficits or auditory impairments understands what you are expecting of him. A child who is ready for the potty training process may display some type of disappointment in himself when accidents occur. There are also cushioned inserts on the market that you can place on the regular household toilet.
Keep in mind that using a cushioned insert on the household toilet may be more difficult for your child to climb up on.

This is especially true if your child displays an orthopedic disability or gross motor delays.
It is helpful to allow the child to participate in the process of establishing a potty training seat.
If the child has some say in the potty training seat, he is sure to be more excited about the process. You can even let the child decorate his potty training seat with stickers, to make it his own.
Most importantly, make sure the seat you choose is developmentally appropriate to meet your child’s needs.
A child with sensory difficulties may have a hard time with a potty that makes sounds or plays music. A child with a visual impairment may be dependent on the sounds the seat makes to be successful using the potty. The upstairs corner bathroom is probably not the best place for the training seat if the child spends most of his time in the family room downstairs. Understanding how to control their bladder is an overwhelming change for children--a bad habit that can be hard to break. It will take some time to get things flowing when the child is suddenly asked to use the potty. After working in the public school setting for five years, she began writing curriculum for an education representative.

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