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Product DescriptionA multiple-target metal basketball stand with four hoops (one 18", three 14") and different height levels for group activities.
I keep hearing the statement that a game is going to pull a younger generation into genealogy. Imagine that same basketball game between Zeke and I, played on a full-sized NBA court, with their full-sized hoops, and a full-sized ball.
Jimmy ZimmermanI'm a Ruby enthusiast, Mac fanatic, and family man working for the genealogy industry.
They have fantastic technique in dribbling the ball, in the form of their shots, and in the plays that they run. Players and coaches have devoted their lives to the study of the game’s strategy and technique.

Our dinner table conversations often revolve around the team trades that they are planning in order to win the next big title. The game would stop every time Zeke travels, double dribbles, fouls, or throws the ball out of bounds.
The 5-6 years olds are hilarious to watch–they just follow the ball around the field in a little swarm.
Zeke’s best move is a running dunk followed by a quick rebound and another dunk, scoring twice in one possession. We love to pull trick moves such as bouncing the ball off of the wall or stuffing the ball in our shirts in order to sneak it to the hoop.
The early challenges are fun but low impact on more seasoned players playing in the same space.

As the kids get older and more coordinated, they start to play positions and work as a team.
The coach plays a pivotal role in how much fun the game is and how successful the players are.

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