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The stairs are drawers – inspired by Berg furniture for kids, but I also thought about using a modified Trofast stair system. Jules Yap "I am Jules, the engine behind IKEAHackers and the one who keeps this site up and running. I would love to mimick this, but will need actual step by step instructions…could you be please provide?
Any chance you could get a bit more detailed with the nitty-gritty of the hack so I could perhaps recreate this beauty for my daughter?
As toddlers drift off to sleep in their very own boat they can dream of a big fish they will catch one day!
Toddlers will have a treasure of a time in their bedroom with the Pirate Ship Toddler Bed!  This bed will be fun on a rainy day for kids to play pirates, pretend to be fishing or just playing with their toys that are stored right inside the toy box!
The company behind the Tuckaire bed was founded in 2007, creating products to help kids fight their fears around bedtime. Our Tuckaire Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed made the trip to a friends’ house for a first sleepover, and it was a hit all-around. The Tuckaire does have a bit of a chemical smell, so you might want to air it out for a while before your child sleeps in it. There are some seriously crafty parents out there, like Lori Danelle who took shipping pallets and transformed them into the cutest toddler bed. We first saw this amazing DIY project over at Design*Sponge as a before and after project and fell in love with Lori’s great sense of style as well as her great use of recycled materials. All you need are a two or three shipping pallets, some bolts and screws, 4 caster wheels, and various tools to cut and sand the pallets down to the right size.
Swiss toymaker Naef continues to impress us with their growing collection of artfully crafted novelties for kids. That bed scares me because of the potential for staples and nails to work their way through the wood years or months later, and for the MASSIVE amount of bug spray applied to pallets to get them ready for export to the U.S.
I think it is a great idea and as a woodworker I can tell you that if it is prepared properly you won’t have any stapes or nail to worry about.
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I wanted the furniture to match existing paint, and using recomendations from this site to use special primer and extra long screws, I painted all pieces bright white, and attached knobs to the Malm dresser. My mission is to capture all the wonderful, inspiring, clever hacks and ideas for our much loved IKEA items". Recently, here at, we had the chance to check out the Tuckaire Toddler Inflatable Travel Bed from The Shrunks. The Shrunks Family was created during the early days – dad, mom, son and daughter, and their beloved guard dog Sunny. Their inflatable bed is the only one to offer built in guard rails to help children from rolling off the bed. We asked Perry Chua, Creative Director for The Shrunks about this, and he said, “As with all PVC materials, the smell is unavoidable.
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So cute, in fact, you might even consider figuring out how to make this into your own adult size bed.
Lori gives a pretty good step by step with great photos to explain the process, which could easily be modified to create a larger bed for a regular twin or maybe even your own adult bed.
It’s an inflatable bed designed for kids age two and up, which you can take with you wherever you go. It comes with everything you need: a pump, a carrying bag, and repair patches, right out of the box.
The fact that it uses a crib sheet is convenient, because you probably already have one of those kicking around. You can often find her knitting, sewing, volunteering, working in her garden, and sneaking chocolate when no one's looking.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Lori took two shipping pallets, cut them and pieced them together to make this eco- and kid-friendly toddler bed and even shares her hints and tips for the DIY project on her blog.

Yes some pallets come from overseas when things are shipped hear but a lot of the pallets that are around are made in the US.
This would be cute for a western bedroom, My son has one and i want to do something like this.
Many pallets are treated with a fungicide that breaks down to 2,4,6-tribromoanisole, which produce vapors.
I used the rails and slats from the second bed on the upper bed that I built to match the Malm beds- the headboard, footboard, and stair wall are 2″ thick, and the headboard is the same height above the mattress as the Malm headboard. They have excellent selections, but I still can’t make up my mind on what I want for my baby. He always sleeps with one eye open, just to make sure things are as they should be while you’re asleep. All of the company’s inflatable products are free from BPA, lead and phthalates, and every product undergoes stringent testing process for leaks and defects before leaving the factory. If you are worryed about the chemicals you could always use old barn wood or other types of recycled wood. The Shrunks has a focus on creating cool, portable stuff for kids to make bedtime safe and fun, wherever they are, making it a great sleepover solution.
We love the bed, but as moms we also know that there’s simply not a clear-cut answer for each and every family. But many chemicals has hidden long term sideeffects like cancer, infertility, severe astma etc.
That’s why pallets are are recommended for incineration and not for burning i fireplaces.

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