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There are several important things that you should teach your kids during the potty training. During the start of the initial training, kids will most likely have some leaks so proper potty training underwear should be given to them. With a Disney character on the training pants, kids are usually thrilled and simply associate wearing them as a fun activity. Toddler training pants should be made from the finest quality for it to stay longer and will have the ability to hold the child’s secretion. Among the products in the list, this is one of the most highly fashionable due to its brand maker. With the feel of real life underwear, the child will basically get comfortable in the process and its usage. These pants are another addition into the delightful requirements when undergoing a potty training. Toddler potty is one of the basic things that you need after your son or daughter showed some signs that he or she is ready for the training. This is a premium type of training pants due to the leak free feature plus panels on its side that perfectly fits the child. As possible, parents should make kids to be interested on the training itself by buying cloth training pants that are well designed.
One amazing fact about the designs of these pants is it will fade if the child will be peeing on it. Waterproof training pants could hold 25 percent more of wettings if compared to other regular underpants that could be found in the market. Sooner, the transition from diaper to underpants will be over as the child will no longer need to use a diaper.
Gerber training pants could provide 100% comfort while the child is sitting on the potty seat because of its materials which are derived from cotton and poly blend.
First of all, I agree with other reviewers' comments about the inaccurate and unhelpful sexist comments in the book. To fully separate your kids from using diapers, the assistance of potty training pants will be much needed. The design of these pants is also colorful depending on the combination of pigments of the inner and outer layer. The ones with stretchy sides can allow the little ones to take them off whenever they wanted to. Afterwards, they tend to drink a lot of fluid and later on they would start to pee on their pants.

By looking at it, parents will be delighted not on only on its quality but with its vibrant design. Parents happiness could not be hidden when the child will say no when you show them their diapers, could manage to use potty alone and efficiently utilize child step stool in reaching the sink to wash his or her hands. The challenges when potty training boys are unique and often frustrating, but you will find this pediatrician's guide simple, reassuring, and packed with all the information you need, including: Clear, step-by-step guidance on what to do on the first day and how to manage the following days and weeks Tips on boy-specific concerns, such as whether to teach him to stand or sit and how to aim What to do if he refuses to sit on his potty or is easily bored How to fit toilet training into your schedule Helping your son learn quickly, even if he is a late starterThe guide includes advice for dealing with bedwetting and common medical problems, as well as information on which supplies are best to buy and what you can skip. Every child has their own personality and not all boys lack common sense, just as not all girls have common sense. It is fine that the book is accepting of late potty trainers and I'm sure that it is reassuring to a lot of parents out there that they are not alone and not too late. It certainly doesn't offer enough useful information to warrant the offensive comments about boys and other methods of potty training. Parents should always check the brand of items they are buying because there are some items that are just a waste of money. The sexist slant is pervasive throughout the book and shapes the advicee given based on the authors' assumptions. However, the book goes too far and looks down at those who start earlier as well as those who have employed elimination communication. It says the same thing in many different ways, putting emphasis on low-key no-fuss 1 hour sessions.
The book states that "until recently it was fashionable to get babies out of diapers as young as possible." The fact that they call it "fashionable" for those parents who have worked hard to potty train their children earlier, and to no detriment of the child is offensive. I also think that some of the ideas in the book actually prolong potty training unnecessarily, which does not make it any easier! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous My almost 3 and a half year old son has been impossible to train.
It has advice for different situations and trouble-shooting but I thought it would be a little more in-depth and less just common sense. In fact, I think that the term "fashionable" applies better to the current trend of later and later potty training. It's also shorter than I thought it would be with very large font, making the book seem bigger. It would be much more effective and still very positive to say "hey, let's wear these big boy underpants today!" or "let's go sit on the potty!" This still gives the child the chance to say no if they really don't want to but doesn't invite them to say no just because it's their favorite word. I'm giving it a 4 star review because I think it does offer a lot to someone who hasn't already read up on potty training and tried everything under the sun.
I can just picture parents hearing the same no over and over again and delaying their progress unnecessarily.
It worked on the child I was certain would be in diapers or pull ups for the rest of his life! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous I started the potty training process shortly after my son turned two.

I had read several potty training books, including "The No Cry Potty Training Solution." I took advice from several family members and even tried the "cold turkey" method, which involved just putting my son in big boy underwear and hoping he would eventually come to realize when he had to go. Not only was my son uninterested in using the potty, it didn't even bother him when his diapers or underwear were wet.
I tried giving him stickers and chocolates to use the potty, but he would just yell "I don't want to use the potty!" I came across "Potty Training Boys the Easy Way" while searching on Amazon.
There he was, sitting in the living room, watching his favorite movie, when he stood up and announced "I need to pee." He walked over to the potty, pulled down his underwear, and did his business. I appreciate that the book starts out with ways to prepare for potty training before it is time. I also appreciate the fact that the steps are easy to follow and realistic for most families. I took him to buy new potties and underwear and explained the process to him all over again. Much of what is explained in the book seems like common sense and it is what we were doing on our own, however, sometimes you just need the motivation and a reminder- along with some tricks. The first day, I packed six extra outfits and underwear for him, certain he would have an accident while at school. I was shocked when I picked him up and saw him in the same outfit I had dressed him in that morning. Although my boy is still to young for it, I applied some of the tips immediately and now he proudly uses the potty before his night bath, and sometimes asks for it at other times.
Great book (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous A few things really rubbed me the wrong way about this book. But after following the guidance in this book, he was completely independently going on the toilet in week.
And it was easy to accomplish, no power struggle at all -- I did wait until he was not only ready but also interested and motivated! (Jul 07, 2011) Reviewer: anonymous YAY!!
It's a quick, easy read pointing out practical solutions and common sense approaches to potty training boys.
It suggests teaching boys in "Sessions" rather than the Potty-Training-In-One-Day idea that RARELY works for boys. The 'Sessions' idea was definitely the key to teaching my son in a happy, relaxed environment.

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