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Toddlers are full of energy but most of the time have only got a short attention span, so we are aiming to provide some ideas that are quick and easy to follow and don't need too much preparation time - actually a lot of the time your toddler should be able to help you set it all up! A pipecleaner butterfly really is one of the easiest craft activities that you can do with a toddler.
This is a lovely little project for toddlers and preschoolers and doesn't need much preparation.
This is also another one of our toddler activities that will let you use the unused tissue paper of another previous project - our Tissue Paper Collage! This activity is a bit of a mix of toddler craft and a craft idea for children who can already work with scissors. Boys will be Boys and that is why this Easter you have got to get them some of the hottest toys that will be sure to entertain! Captain America is super popular right now, thanks to the new Marvel movie which has been reviewed as the best Marvel movie yet.

Show your child how to stick it onto the covered aluminium foil - it also comes off easily again! Fold the heart in half again and press down - be careful as some of the paint might come out on the sides depending on how much you put on.
As one heart is quite quickly made, why not make a few and see how every heart changes and looks different!
Now you can glue them onto card or corrugated card or simply write your message onto the back of the heart! Arrange them as you like to make your greeting cards or write a message onto the back of the heart. Toys and outdoor products are perfect for filling those baskets with something other than candy (and I am sure the dentist will thank you). Show your toddler how to make little balls out of tissue paper pieces - if you have some left-overs from our Tissue Paper collage, you could use those!3.

But it’s also your secret weapon, because it fires missiles from its hidden launcher! Glue the pieces together and draw the face and paws on.Done!Download your free Toddler Easter Bunny template. Show your toddler how stick the tissue paper onto the egg.Done!What I love about this idea is that it is one of only a handful of toddler activities that are absolutely mess free.

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