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I think every mom has Supermom Moments -- those little successes that make you feel absolutely super!
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We will out of the country for summer, and I was thinking to do a party for my girls, because I do not want they miss this special event.

Lately when we color together he’s been requesting I draw him various silly faces with wild eyes, spikey hair, uneven smiles, buckteeth and unexpected color combinations. To add a little bit of handwriting practice, I included lines to describe the various face emotions—this can make a fabulous conversation starter and an excuse to practice a tiny bit of handwriting.
Between using The Force on surrounding battle droids and flying to infinity and beyond, Aimee enjoys squeezing in some personal creative time. And our math sheets, mazes, word decoders, word scrambles, and word search puzzles change each time you visit! I thought this week’s worksheet would be a fun way to include him in more of the wild face drawings.

With a background in advertising, marketing and design, she is proud to stay home raising her boys.

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