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Contains ingredients typically used for, and may assist in the relief of conjunctivitis and styes in the eyes. Contains ingredients typically used for, and may assist in the relief of abdominal pain, trapped wind and colic. Free Cepacol Sensations Lozenge Sample – That Freebie Site – The Real Free Stuff Site! That Freebie Site is dedicated to bring you the latest and best FREE stuff available online and offline.
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A Florida elementary school accused a 9-year-old student of selling drugs for sharing cough drops with friends. Officials at Patterson Elementary School in Clay County decided, however, not to discipline Khalin Rivenbark, who met with the girl and her father Wednesday.

The student said the cough drops were in her bag, and two friends asked for one, so she handed them out. But WJXT reporter Diane Cho questioned whether the Halls cough drops qualify as a drug, since the ingredients were nearly the same as Lifesavers candy. Andy Rivenbark said he didn’t get a note or call from school administrators about the incident. The report said the meeting included an admonition from school officials for the child not to bring cough drops again.
WND reported several years ago on a case in which a student was expelled for a year for having Advil in her purse. The case involved sophomore Amanda Stiles, who was expelled from Parkway High School in Shreveport, La., after a teacher searched her purse because she was suspected of being among a group of students smoking cigarettes on school grounds, the Shreveport Times reported.
WND also has reported various disciplinary actions for students over toy guns, drawings of guns and even a gun company logo on a pen.

Remove baking sheet from oven and immediately roll lollipop sticks into melted cough drops. May relieve hacking, exhausting coughing fits, as well as tickles in the back of the throat.
Contains ingredients typically used for, and may assist in the relief of constipation and associated abdominal pain. Have you ever woken at night with a tickle in your throat and popped a cough drop in your mouth and hoped you would fall asleep and not choke on it?
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