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Many toddlers master potty training with ease, particularly once they are able to verbalize their bodily needs.
Refusal to defecate and poor toilet training can lead to functional constipation which may sometimes be very frustrating to the parents. The key factor for parents to recognize in successful potty training is the readiness of the child. Thus the process of potty training is decided on the readiness of the child and the developmental stage. Chronic medical problem though can prolong the process of potty training is not an issue to postpone the process of potty training. The process of potty training the toddlers basically involves positive reinforcement by the parents after they assess the readiness of the child. Educating the child on potty training – Initially the child may be encouraged to sit on a potty chair with or without diapers. If the child starts showing interest in sitting on the potty, he may be allowed to sit on it without a diaper for a few minutes everyday. Whenever the child shows signs of the need to go to toilet like squatting or holding the genital area, the mother should respond quickly and take the child to the potty. Mother should consider giving incentives if the child does not wet the diaper and uses the potty correctly. Whether it is the mother or any other child care provider the same potty training schedule should be followed by them.
Parents may face many problems during potty training their toddlers even if the process of potty training is well planned. Training resistance- If a child does not even try his part in potty training, then the readiness pointers should be assessed again to see if the child is really ready for potty training, physically and emotionally. The child throws tantrums when made to sit on the potty – The child may sometimes consider sitting on the potty a punishment. Excessive accidents- In spite of meticulous planning and potty training, toddlers sometimes may go in their pants rather in the potty.
Potty training, for most parents, probably starts with thinking their toddler is getting a bit big for diapers now, and may be ready to go diaper free. Find health and lifestyle advices & Get answers!Share real-life experiences with more than 250,000 community members!
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So you don't have an infant potty chair or you are ready to transition from Tupperware to something more elegant. Cons: Made out of a single piece of plastic with no removable dish which complicates cleaning. Pros: Removable bowl for convenient cleaning and integrated splash guard for preventing messes. Pros: Inner potty is removable and the rubber ring keeps your toddler from scooting around. Pros: this infant potty chair has high splash guard and so the infant model is so small you can support your newborn to use it. Pros: clear sides allow you to see exactly whata€™s happening so you can use your cues on time. Cons: The plastic construction itself does not seem as durable as some potties, being prone to cracking or shattering.
In terms of design the Babywunder Deluxe Clear Potty Chair looks very much like the Baby Bjorn Little Potty. Potty-training is difficult under normal circumstances, but when your son is stubborn it magnifies the problem. Dress your son in clothing that is easy for him to pull up and down while he is potty-training.
Make going the bathroom fun by putting Cheerios, or another type of cereal in the toilet for your son to aim at when he pees.
Minor hurdles in potty training process such as fear of sitting on the toilet should be met with calm and understanding approach.
If that is the case either potty training should be postponed for few days or potty training should be made more fun. The mother should clean up the accidents quickly and praise the child for every successful potty visit.
If your son is stubborn, the worse thing you can do is start potty-training him before he is really ready. You will either need a training potty, or a step stool so your child can use the big potty.
Sweatpants are ideal for potty-training because they don't have zippers or buttons to navigate. You can also make up a fun potty song, or poem for the two of you to recite when he is using the bathroom.

The secret of successful potty training lies in the parents maintaining patience.  The following are some of the potty training tips for toddlers.
The child should be taught that whenever he gets these signals, he should stop whatever he is doing and go to the potty.
If this is the case the mother should involve in positive reinforcement and praise the child for the things he can do no matter how small it is. Creating a potty area closer to the child’s play area may sometimes be helpful if the child finds difficult to control the bowel on the way to the potty. Here is a quick overview of the Pros and Cons of each one and a direct link to Amazon where you can read more reviews or buy one. The company who produces this infant potty chair also offers covers for those public moments when you may wish for less visibility. In order to train your son, he must be able to get in and out of his clothes so he can use the potty and he also must be able to get on and off the potty.
The easier it is for your son to get his pants down the less likely he will have an accident.
For instance, each time your son goes the bathroom successfully he could get a piece of candy.
This is because early potty training before the age of 2 years can lead to chronic retention of stool and encopresis. Complete bowel control is usually achieved by 4 years of age and bladder control by 5 years of age.
Once you are certain your son is ready to potty-train, you can use several tricks and tactics in your potty-training efforts that will help you achieve success.
Encopresis refers to the passage of feces in to inappropriate places.  Very early toilet training may lead to a prolonged training process which would increase the frustration of the parents. Get some potty-training books, so you can read them to him and create excitement for training.

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