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Meet the Fraggles is an e-book based on the classic Jim Henson Company’s TV series Fraggle Rock. The moment I got my hands on the my first iPad, I knew my kids would have a easier and more interesting way to learn their ABCs. October 17, 2011 by geekmummy 9 Comments Yesterday the geekdaughter had a birthday party to go to.
In the morning when the geekdaughter woke up, she headed downstairs to do some drawing, as she often does. Later on, when the geekdaddy arrived with her at the play barn he asked the geekdaughter what the birthday girl looked like, as he wasn’t sure he would recognise her. Incidentally, when Joel first drew Mark, he drew him with a huge smile, loads of teeth, and really big ears. The Internet is divided over whether a toddler's controversial Pablo Escobar Halloween costume is appropriate. A short video of a little boy dressed up for Halloween as infamous Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar is drawing criticism from those who say it's inappropriate to dress up a toddler as a man who was one of the world's most wealthy and violent criminals.
The video generated more than 14 million views after Break, an entertainment website, shared it on Facebook. Whether you’re a serious writer, a knowledgeable art critic or just a casual doodler, laptops and tablets can provide you with a variety of programs to assist.How to Create Art on Your TabletDrawing apps have become more and more popular as touch screens have become more and more sensitive. That is, ever since we visited our friends in Long Island, who introduced the kids to a Sesame Street driving toy. The software is basically a simple drawing canvas with 10 neon brushes to be selected from while scribbling.
Last month we reviewed Fish School by Duck Duck Moose, which turned out to be quite a success with the kids because its simplistic, yet amusing presentation.
Whenever I got bored, I used to flip the pages and match frog legs to a fireman or a pilot, a thing that always made me smile.

What it does present is a unique way to learn numbers, letters, colors, and differentiation.
One of the other little girls in her class at nursery had invited her to a party at a local play barn. It makes me really proud that in a house where her access to technology like the iPad is pretty much umlimited she usually chooses to entertain herself with a book or some crayons instead! Mark actually has tiny ears for his 6ft5 frame, so I can only assume J thinks he’s a good listener! I find it fascinating how kids develop their drawing abilities, and how the way they draw people to start with is more about emphasising the bits they notice most. You don't have to wait until her MAC cosmetic line comes out next year to put on a sparkly bustier or her famous purple jumpsuit this Halloween. Those of you who are used to the old Paint program, a staple of all desktops, will have an idea of how these apps started their lives. It was timed really well so that the geekdaughter could attend her regular Sunday morning swimming class with the geekdaddy, and then the two of them could head straight to the play barn. When I found her she showed me her latest creation (see left) and explained it was a picture of the girl whose party she would be attending.
If you aren’t sure where to start it may be best to download a few free apps to get to grips with the basics, then move on to something a little more detailed later. If this is the way you’d like to start then Adobe Photoshop Express followed by Adobe Photoshop Touch makes sense, although this is tailored more towards changing photographs than starting a piece of art from scratch. I’d like to take a little bit of time now to compare these two apps and see why they’re so popular.Sketchbook Express versus ProcreateFirstly, as expected, both apps look beautiful. What else would you expect from something that will allow you to create amazing, professional-quality artwork?
The Sketchbook’s newest interface is customizable, allowing you to adapt it just as a traditional artist would adapt their workstation.

Although Procreate doesn’t have such a range of movement, its interface is still intuitive enough to allow you the freedom to concentrate on your work.
Procreate boasts a wide range of drawing and illustration tools including over 120 brushes, pencils and inks. Sketchbook matches this with over 100 brushes, including smudge, synthetic and glow brushes, as well as others that can be brought separately – perfect if you have a particular style to follow. Sketchbook Pro has the upper hand with regards to layers, with no limit compared to the 16 layers offered by its rival.
Procreate, however, has advantages of being unique to Apple as it harnesses the 64-bit processor of the newest iPads to ensure that its runs quickly with little to no lag. So it comes as no surprise that these rather evenly-matched apps are pretty similar in price too. Procreate will set you back a mere $7.49 whereas Sketchbook Express is … well, it’s a little more complicated. Not only is there a free trial available, but you can also download additional brushes and tools for an additional cost on top of the $2.99 monthly cost.*[Looking for ways to Combine Apple Notes and Evernote?
But as with many different technological advances these two apps are overcrowded with positives with only a few bugbears. I like the adaptability of Sketchbook, however, as you can move from the free trial to Express. He is an Experienced Tablet user spending many years honing his skills and learning to be more productive while using his iPad.

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