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According to sleep experts, 12- to 18-month-olds should nap twice a day for a total of two and a quarter hours to two and a half hours, and toddlers 18 months to age three need afternoon naps that last about two hours. Charlie says this the moment he enters the kitchen, his 2-year-old Elmer Fudd accent spinning me around just as I was beginning to scheme about my eight or nine minutes of quiet time for the evening. His smile flips and his spirit is destroyed as his one gleaming hope in this world — that daddy might let him stay downstairs for whatever skewered toddler reason he wants to stay downstairs — gets shattered in a grapeshot hail of screams and cries.
I don’t back down because I need to drink a cold damn beer in front of the TV by myself. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. I’ve been bamboozled way too many times by kids to believe in the concept of free time anymore.

Even in this before-the-tornado silence that sucks all the air out of the room, I know what comes next.
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Still, after I get everything in order and Charlie is down in his crib, I let myself get excited.
I need to stand alone in one of my small rented rooms in this house and not see or hear a child for a little while. So I look down at his face in my arms, at the tears rolling down his cheeks in the dim stairwell light, and it hits me that something beautiful is gone now. Help prime your sweetie for sleep by installing blackout shades and running a fan or white-noise machine to block out traffic noise, the dog barking, or the sound of kids playing next door.

Because we need to walk away from our little people sometimes when our heads are imploding and our souls are weary and our faces are melting from the long gone day. And as much as I tell myself that I’m okay with that, well, there is a part of me that wants to climb up in this crib with my boy and just time machine my way back to an era when I was younger. Chances are, he’ll doze off on his own (and even come to look forward to his afternoon hours of independence).
And not because I’m concerned that he gets the perfectly measured cup of sleep that a kid about to turn 2 really needs for proper brain growth and physical development.

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