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When the protective membrane which covers the brain and the spinal chord is infected the term used to describe this is called meningitis.
Toddler’s symptoms show skin rashes, pale skin texture, and unusual spots in the skin, they exhibit a moaning sound and unusual crying, the neck of toddlers will feel stiff and they will not like light when they are bright, they develop a fontanelle bulging which is the soft region in the baby’s head area.
There are various reasons that are the causes of meningitis varying from bacteria, viruses and in some cases some drugs. If your newborn suffers from high fever and you find it very difficult to manage your little one due to his or her constant irritability, do not waste any time. The symptoms differ from fever, hand and feet turning cold, babies refusing to consume food, vomiting often, getting irritated when touched by others.
They exhibit symptoms like fever, the hands and feet getting cold, nausea and vomiting, always in a drowsy state and having difficulty in waking up.

The symptoms range from headache which can be severe in some cases, a fastened breathing, vomiting can be frequent, they also show symptoms of abdominal pain and in some cases diarrhea, skin may appear blotchy and pale and may also turn blue, fever may be reoccurring, neck and shoulder stiffness, severe muscle aches can also be felt by adults suffering from meningitis.
You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. If not treated in early stages it could turn out to be a fatal and life threatening disease. The parents find it extremely tough to handle the newborns as well as to make him or her comfortable. They can also show symptoms of confusion and irritability, they can also have severe muscle pain and also experience of convulsions and seizures. If you pick up the newborn, his or her discomfort level will increase rather than decreasing.

They also develop rashes over their bodies and they feel a chilling effect most of the time.
In addition to this, there are some other symptoms which can be seen in the newborns if they are suffering from meningitis.

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