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And first thing this morning before our walk, both boys (who are potty training) went successfully on the toilet.
And I sit down on the loo, and Mason grabs my hand and holds it (which I sometimes do to him), and then he starts stroking my hair.
34 year old, born in a small steel town in South Africa, now living in a large Steel City in the US.
This entry was posted in Parenting, Twin Fun and tagged fraternal twin boys, Luau, Ordinary moments, parenting twins, raising sensitive boys, Sensitive boys, south african twin blog, twin fun blog, twin mommy blog. Oh my –I have to say I was blessed with a very sensitive Son too and there is nothing better!!!! Recent CommentsClare on 5 Ways to Keep Toddlers Safe at Easter Egg HuntsOUPA on Welcome 2014! The first impression I had of the Zazoo was before I had even seen or touched it – the smell was overpoweringly babyish!

To those who use their nappies for their purpose, perhaps the most important thing is how they handle a wetting. My five favourite adult baby suppliersI review my five favourite adult baby online shops, including clothes, diaper and plastic pants suppliers.I review my five favourite adult baby online shops, including clothes, diaper and plastic pants suppliers.
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It is like a sweet powdery smell of joy and I just had to keep sniffing before getting any closer to getting them out of the packet! The tapes themselves are very poor, I ripped one off despite pulling very gently, and when taking the nappy off the tapes pulled away the plastic front with them causing the nappy to split and start to spill its fluffy guts all over my nice changing mat.
Boots nappies are easy to buy and not bad either Jane is not bad either:)My lovely friend ABJane provides us with a guest review of Boots own-brand adult nappies to ponder, along with some good pictures of her modelling them.

They are clearly a (very cheap) plain adult nappy which has had a few baby motifs stamped on, and apparently that’s all it takes to make a crappy-nappy into a Zazoo. It felt like I had a swimming pool in my nappy that wasn’t going to be absorbed, and I had to change it immediately as it was already full to capacity. Such a shame, they were promising, but like too many of the fancy nappies on the market, they just didn’t like up to expectations.
01:21AM - 17 May 2016Mental health awareness week - It is mental health awareness week in the UK.

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