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This hero comes from an ancient race of super women known as Amazons which means she is not to be messed with. With her super strength and lasso of truth Wonder Woman will always be there to save the planet from any super villain that might turn up.
If you think your girl is up for that kind of challenge, let her fill the iconic shoes with this child Wonder Woman costume.

Her little super girl could not be more charming, right?Oh wait, there’s more super kid cuteness to be had. Kapow!I put Scarlett in this same costume back in 2007, but did not think to add a boombox.
As I wrote on FB, my 3 yr old son wants to be a rocket and my 6 yr old daughter wants to be a ladybug and they both want to make their costumes.

My kids just go to the store and pick a costume out for the next 2 years thats under 25 buck!

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