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This toilet addresses common issues found with commercial toilets height, attractiveness and accuracy. With its accessible height and colorful seat, the Primary offers a level of comfort for its users. Utilizing the precise WAVE touch-less flushing technology, the 1.28 Primary toilet eliminates false actuation, as well as unnecessary fear. An industry first, the seat is offered in a choice of bright primary colors that kids love red, blue or yellow with green hinges, as well as standard white.
The flush valve we offer is a Sloan REGAL 111 XL TP, and is given as an option to purchase. From reading comments here, I'm decided that I won't do any potty training until the child has been successful at home for 2 weeks and then successful here for 2 weeks--then we can switch to underwear.
Familycare7105-30-2013, 06:37 AMI use the regular toilet seat- I refuse to have kids eliminate into a bucket when I have plumbing! Lyss05-30-2013, 01:10 PMI have a small child size toilet seat that fits over the regular toilet.

Toilets are super simple to install so if and when we ever decided to sell, we could easily switch the toilet out for a standard sized one. Time he or she needs to go potty, and they was consistently dry at night access to the house, have the.
In other words, the user must physically motion for the flush, which significantly reduces false flushes and saves water.
This toilet seat will not work without a flush valve, we advise you strongly to purchase this matching item.
Blackcat3105-30-2013, 06:17 AMI have a small child size toilet seat that fits over the regular toilet.
This toilet can be extremely helpful for daycares or preschools looking to have a toilet lower to the ground, helping toddlers go to the potty easier!The Baby Devoro Round Front Toilet is designed with your child in mind, featuring an easy to use color matching handle and a low bowl height.
This waving motion also eliminates the fixture from actuating during use, which is more hygienic for the user.
This space saving toilet is constructed of vitreous china and is available in an array of finishes to complement your decor.

This Child's Size Toilet by American Standard also includes a 10" rough-in, siphon flush action, fully glazed trapway, and a speed connect coupling system.This package includes a white tank and bowl from American Standard, but the seat is a white Bemis plastic seat (Bemis 955C).
The easily accessible, 10-¼ inch low-rim height allows kids to feel more secure, and helps prevent the accidents that can occur when small children try to scramble on top of a standard height toilet, which can be as high 16 inches from the floor.
Designed mainly for daycare and school installation, the Primary 1.28 toilet bowl supports the growing trend for improving water efficiency in schools as a part of greening the school. At 1.28 gpf, the combination flush valve and Baby Devoro toilet are independently rated to flush as much as 800 grams of solid waste. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense-certification that ensures water savings without sacrificing performance. This high efficiency toilet (HET) offers siphonic-action technology to ensure a powerful flush and superior bowl cleaning, every time.

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