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She is even reluctant about wearing a diaper at night, but experience tells us it does make sense to keep one on for sleep just in case. I want to share our potty training timeline, both so that I can look back and marvel over how amazing Zoe is, and so others can benefit from one family’s experiences. About 23 months of age (February 2012) - Zoe started in a new classroom at her daycare just before her 2nd birthday. Around 32 months (November) – By mid November, Zoe had a clear preference for wearing big girl panties and we only put diapers on her for nap, at bedtime and if she specifically requested a diaper to poop in.
She wakes up dry about 6 days out of 7, but who wants to wake up in a pee puddle one morning a week? The new classroom had a significant focus on pottytraining and put a lot of emphasis on it.
Even though by that time she was full-time in underwear during the school day, with nary an accident, I reverted back to sending her in diapers when she started her new school. Since starting at her new school, she’s been in a routine of holding her poop until she gets home.
Zoe has been peeing and pooping in the potty all month long with almost no accidents at all anymore. Sometimes we’ll come home from school or an errand and move on to our next activity without me checking with her or asking her to go potty. PlaggeSchmerzhaftes Brennen beim Pinkeln oder gar Blut im Urin – wenn Ihr Kind diese Symptome hat, sollten Sie schnellstens zum Kinderarzt, umd sich Antibiotika verschreiben zu lassen. She is so good at remembering to tell us that she has to go – or even just heading to the potty without announcing it or asking for help. I kept putting it off and trying to get to it later but now we are done with it and it wasn’t too bad at all!
At the time, I felt it was pushing her a little too much, but I didn’t really know better.

The more we encouraged Zoe to wear big girl underpants when we went out, the more we had to take her to the restroom. Sure enough, just as I had read, she did in fact revert back to using diapers for about a month.
She really doesn’t need our help with much in the bathroom these days - she does it all. I now feel it was a bit draconian and wish I had asked them to back off a little, but what can you do.
Once she was fully settled in her new school and routine, she began using the potty again and we went back to sending her to school in big girl underpants.
But, for the most part, she would proactively request a diaper, specifically so she could poop in it.
If she says diapers, you can still remind about potty breaks but if she chooses to use the diaper, that’s fine too.
But overall, having a potty-trained toddler is an honor and a pleasure and I’m so very excited that she has mastered this important personal milestone. I blogged about starting our potty training journey and some of the things we did at home to accompany what she was learning (or being pushed into) at daycare. So, even though Zoe wore underpants to daycare and was accident-free for the most part (certainly pee accident free) by end of summer, we still wore diapers a lot during evenings and weekends. By end of October, she was  VERY good at putting peepee in the potty, but was still pretty hit or miss with poop and typically preferred diapers for that.
Around this time I realized that if I fumbled and delayed enough with getting the diaper on, she would grow frustrated with me and run to the potty instead to poop there. She has a little potty but prefers the big one!She loves loves getting treats for being a big girl!She stay dry all night and can always hold her pee until we find a bathroom! I made a big enough fuss out of her doing this that she realized she preferred the potty over pooping in a diaper!

We are so proud of her – and just in time for our big trip to Cali to visit her cousins, too! We still insist on a diaper at night, but often she goes down for her afternoon nap in big girl pants and doesn’t have any problems with accidents as long as we head to the potty as soon as she wakes up.
Sometimes I even put a diaper over or under her underpants if we were going out and I didn’t want to risk an accident. Die Verunreinigung mit solchen Mikro-Organismen ist bei MA¤dchen daher die hA¤ufigste Ursache von Harnwegsinfektionen. Daneben muss der Patient oder die Patientin A¶fter Wasser lassen als sonst; der Harndrang ist verstA¤rkt.
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