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In a child care environment, daycare providers often find themselves with not only toddlers, but many children of varying ages. I've put together this page full of toddler crafts and activities geared specifically to the toddler. Fill an end cap with hot glue and push it onto the end of a tube (cut to the length you would like) Let dry. You take a 6x6 ceramic wall tile (you can usually get them donated through a home repair store) Paint the child's hand with the color that they had picked out, place on the tile, write the child's name at the bottom. Have the children use a paint brush to cover a white piece of construction paper with white vinegar. Use your scissors or Exacto knife to cut from the center of your paper plate outward in eight strips ( like a pie), ending each about an inch from the outer edge of the plate. Materials: Graham crackers any flavor (we like Chocolate), ice cream (any flavor) and plastic wrap.

Description: Let the ice cream get to a soft stage then take the graham crackers and spread one half with about i?? cup ice cream.
Animal cookies make this both a fun game and a treat for preschoolers as they learn about animals during this activity.
Description: Teachers provide a bag of animal cookies and invite the children to take turns pulling a cookie out of the bag.
You can let the children eat their cookie after they make its sound, OR you can have them pick their animal, then eat it so they "become" that animal and make its sounds.
When theyr'e done, let them spritz their artwork with a waterbottle so they can see the colors bleed and blend. Happy baby boy and little curly toddler girl, brother and sister, playing with toy buckets and plastic shovel digging in sand on a beautiful exotic tropical beach with turquoise water. Have the children print using cookie cutters (the plastic ones work the best) and tempera paint in a shallow container.

This will create eight triangles, each anchored by the "brim" formed along the edge of the plate; bend each triangle upward to form a crown. You may want to add paper cutouts to the tip of each triangle to make the crown extra special. Consider making these crowns for seasons and holidays; make a birthday crown with candles and jewels, a winter crown with snowmen and snowflakes or a spring crown with flowers and baby chicks and ducks. I like to use a variety of colors and papers; for example, pink, red, purple paints with heart cookie cutters on white paper.

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