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Before I answer, let me pause to mention that by this point all three boys were well into some belligerent sick boy mood after having thrown up several times each in the previous few days. Luckily (or not?) the second Poop Boy announced fairly quickly that he was done, too, and then dashed around the room screaming “Man!
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It’s important to make sure your toddler feels supported and that you uphold a positive attitude to ensure success. Most children take several weeks to master potty proficiency – and, at first, you can expect as many steps backwards as forward. Your child sits at laugh on the potty without results, then stands up and immediately drenches the carpet. Though it might seem logical that withholding liquids would make it easier for a toddler to avoid accidents, this practice is unfair, unwise, unhealthy – and, ultimately, ineffective.
Some parents give laxatives, suppositories, or enemas so that a child will have a convenient or timely bowel movement. Nagging almost always backfires with toddlers, who don’t like to be told what to do once, never mind over and over again. Slow potty learning is neither a reflection on your toddler (late learners are no less bright) on you (parents of late learners are no less competent).
I wrote it a few months ago, but haven’t had a chance (or maybe the guts?) to post it. The sudden crowd around the potty seat meant I had to shove and push and elbow to keep myself from being squeezed out. Setting your expectations too high can dampen your child’s enthusiasm and damage self-confidence.

In fact, stepping up fluid intake means that there will be more opportunities for a toddler to use potty and, thus, more opportunities for success.
But not only is this practice unwise (such products should only be used on a doctor’s recommendation), it generally unsuccessful.
Even the most resistant will one day decide that going to the potty beats wearing a nappy – and when that happens, toileting will become as routine for your child as it is for you. And that it made Daddy sorry for my huge mistake, too, for at that moment he was also wishing pretty strongly that I had bought that football helmet and pads.
Or refuses to go before leaving the house, then soaks the car seat not two minutes out of the driveway. While it might produce the desired results in the short-term, it teaches a child nothing about the bowel control essential for the long-term.
Labeling a toddler who’s had success on the potty big or grown-up might stroke his or her ego in just the right way, or, in a toddler whose ambivalent about stepping out of babyhood, might trigger potty regression.
Don’t bring the subject up every day, or point out peers who are in underpants, or display anger or hostility when changing nappies. In a burst of new activity, the youngest boy began pulling off his clothes, demanding to sit on the very same potty as his brother.
Your frustrations out on your toddler greater still – yet staying calm in the face of toileting setbacks is crucial to ultimate success. If you meet occasional resistance, pretend you don’t care, and continue your toilet-teaching programme as before. But it was my job to keep control of this budding riot, so I gritted my teeth and fought for my place. I trace it back to a few weekends before when I came downstairs after sleeping in and found Daddy and sons sitting at the table, eating oatmeal, with Daddy chanting deeply, “We’re MEN eating OATMEAL! Remember, for someone just learned, occasional or even frequent misinterpretations of body signals are to be excepted, overreacting to lapses can discourage a toddler from future attempts.

Because it turns out that like everything else, potty training takes on a new, physically punishing, dimension when it stars triplet boys. As I was also simultaneously encouraging the pooping boy and keeping his brothers from stomping the funky diaper I’d dropped in my hurry to seat the pooper, it was a tough moment in my life. Luckily, the pooper was pooped out and relinquished his seat for a victory lap around the room. It didn’t help that my youngest son (by about thirty seconds) kept pushing Poop Boy up to check the pot . The first time he peed in his undies and he ran to me saying, “oh no… I spilled.”  Not sure he understood where the  “spill” came from, but it was pretty cute anyway. So after a full day of this, I have to admit I was incredibly exhausted and had no stickers on his chart to show for it. With a new boy on the pot, there was nothing I could do but let the runner run and hope that he wouldn’t decide to sit his man-self down on the carpet. So strange that this isn’t taking by now!  I know he is ready… right?!?!?!  Now I am doubting myself even though I know he showed every sign of preparedness.   So we decided to play it cool and let him relax a bit doing his favorite thing….
Later on, we finally had a successful “spill” in the potty followed by lots of cheering and another sticker on his board.  I didn’t miss it this time!  I had a front row seat and made sure he saw it all too. So I am ashamed to say it, but there was just no way to go get the potty today.  Instead, each time he was ready to go potty I took him to the bath tub and told him to go.  I know right…  terrible, terrible, but ask yourself what you would do if you were me! At this point I am as humble as I can be with my failure right before my eyes and I am willing to do anything!  Each time I put him in the tub, he smiles and goes pee pee followed by his adorable little jumping excitement and high fiving action.

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