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Bummis potty pants are reasonably priced at $15.95 per pair, and are made in Canada like other Bummis products!
The feeling of wetness (that the kids really dislike) is an important driver for quicker pee training.
This article has some good tips for general potty training, such as training two children in diapers together, and using wetness to encourage kids to want to be dry. I’ve always had mine potty trained by 2, but this third little guy is not as co-operative! But with my daughter, I did start potty training her when she was consistently dry at night. They were both walking by the time they were ten months old and started to make trips to the bathroom by themselves. Even at a few months old, when a baby has very little control over the bladder, he or she is actively creating associations between their actions and happy outcomes.
They had accidents – like twice a week or so until 15 months (my older one) and 10 months (my younger one). Still to this day in countries like Russia, Africa, and other countries in Europe and Asia infants are potty trained often much before age 2. She would pee in the potty while still asleep and would have a complete night with no accidents after that. Like I said my older on regressed at 20 months but that I attribute more to being in surgery and breaking her arm.
I say if you watch for her signs, it will certainly tell you when it’s an ideal time to train her. I did night n day together for child 2 as child 1 who was potty trained at two was almost a full year still in nappies at night n woke up soaked in a morning. It often surprises people when I say this — or when they watched my one-and-a-half-year-old drop her pants and run towards the potty when she had to go. It turns diaper time from a screaming fest into potty time, which is most often a happy time.
Because my kids are big and by the time she was 4, her bottom wouldn’t FIT on the portable potty anymore!
I just don’t want to push her that hard, so after three hours I put her diaper back on.
We’d had it since she was 18 months and she never really used it because she HATED the idea of going potty! If you are wondering how you are doing toward the goal, I did some math for you so you can check to see where you are verses your goal. No matter how much you prepare, when the husband leaves for a deployment or training, things will hit the fan. Last time, when Ben left for 9 months, both our vehicles had issues, the hose from the washer broke and flooded our apartment just a week before Christmas, and lots of other "learning" experiences came my way. Two days after Ben left, the morning after they took his cell phone away, the curse hit us in the form of taking out the transmission in our mini van. Funny thing is, I am irritated, but I still have this overwhelming feeling that everything is going to turn out okay.
That night, Ben went over to the gym with me to show me that I can set the treadmill to do intervals, then I wouldn't have to be thinking of timing myself and all that.
No matter how long your hubby is gone for, or for whatever reason, we all always eagerly await for that first phone call to let us know they got there safe. With the military, I am never sure if Ben is going to be able to give me that first call of comfort. The other thing he told me about was that one of the instructors found out right off that he was a Mormon.
I got his mailing address, and even sent out a package today of stuff that he didn't know that could bring so didn't and now he wants it. Last night was the last time I was able to talk to him, and we talked and texted until they literally took the phone out of his hands.
If we had been living in a movie, our last week would have been filled with clingy-ness, a million kisses and "I am missing you already"'s. Phase 1: The mental prep for a long separation due to military training, (last long one was 9 months, then we had some 3 week ones, this year it's 8 weeks) starts a few months before the big departure.
PS A special thanks to my dear friend who left a bouquet of flowers and a jumbo bag of paper plates on my door this morning for a super awesome surprise when I came home from the airport.

If you are serious about making some changes, you are going to have to find your own motivation.
So thanks to Amazon Subscribe-and-Save, we are the proud owners of a package of slip-on dipes. I bought the slide-on diapers for Aaron because he is at a stage right now where he often takes off his regular diaper to go use the potty. Ian has been using pull-ups for awhile now, at nap and bed times, and they often leak after a full night's sleep.
The slip-ons are a God-send for the beginning to potty train child of a mom who has 2 other young children. Julia RosenfeldAugust 31, 2011 at 8:00 PMI saw these at Target the other day and really wanted to try them for Ethan, for all of the reasons you listed.
We are entering the winter indoor play season again so I thought I would update and repost one of my most popular posts ever! I started potty training my daughter yesterday….the first day was rough, but so far on day two, it has gone much better!
You might have had resounding success with a kiddie potty, but if you want to train your infant (not toddler) super early, they are useless. I spent the better part of 18 months trying to potty train my daughter, who just decided (after her third birthday) to use the potty consistently. OK, we don’t have a potty chair yet, but I figured cutting out the middle man was fine. I used Elmo’s Potty Time and Potty Power DVD for my daughter to introduce her to the idea. If you want all these things to happen, you should be okay with rushing your child to the potty when you see that little pressure cringe on his or her face, even if you are at a friend’s place. If you’ve established a rhythm of morning and before-bed potty, there really should be very few of these off-schedule potty needs. I know some kids take much longer than others with this, since it’s physiological more than daytime potty training is.
It was more, we’d sit him on the potty before baths, and any time he said he wanted to use it.
But it worked — both my kids went to the potty first thing every morning, and I have rarely changed a poopy diaper beyond 12 to 15 weeks of age. Just a fact: the second leading cause of child abuse in North America is due to potty training frustrations. She did pick up pooping in her potty really quick but still peed in a diaper until she was almost 3. I do have to say,it was so nice not having to wipe smashed poop off of her but for nearly 1.5 years.
It's kindof a long story about why, but it all boils down to the fact that Aaron doesn't seem to be a huge fan of wearing cloth diapers and I believe at almost three, he should be able to voice his opinion about a matter such as this. They give Aaron some independence to diaper himself, but they absorb like a "normal" diaper, unlike pull-ups. Since this post is about potty training, I am forced to use the words poop and pee to differentiate between the kinds of body waste.
Every time my older daughter would go to use the potty, we would let the younger one go right after her. Up until the mid-1900s in Western culture babies were regularly potty trained by 1.5 years of age.
And then wait for Annie to start telling you that she is uncomfortable in dirty diapers and then offer her the option of going in the potty instead.
Also- I am the third of three children all two years apart and my mother did not want two children in diapers at the same time so we were all two or younger when we trained.
I always say that my second daughter trained herself, because I put so little effort into training her.
I will confess to not pushing it because he (here comes the tmi) poops four or five times a day, and usually will not do so in the toilet. The DVDs worked after he watching them a couple times as well as watching me use the bathroom. For me, what did it was the look of delight each time I read my son’s cues correctly and look of pride as he took care of his needs. But also during that time my mom was babysitting them for a couple hours a week so she may have whipped out that Granny Sorcery again so she didn’t have to deal with diapers while they were there.

Only now he’s 5 and he wears a watch to tell him to go potty every hour and he STILL wets his pants at least twice a day!
Plus, he's so close to being potty trained, why bother fighting with him about what kind of diapers he's wearing.
He's frustrated with having to be helped with his diapers and wants to be independent, but not quite ready to ditch diapers altogether. Everyone is curious to learn about how I trained my kids, so here it is — my approach to potty training, some simple beliefs, and how I think you can potty train your young child too. If you are the kind of person that tends to get stressed with accidents and regression, you might want to wait until your child is older and can talk to start potty training.
And yes I concur that potty learning should begin early with learning about bath and bedtime and carseats. I know that boys typically train a little later than girls, but Island Boy was fully potty trained at 3 yrs and 2 months. Oh- and thought I should mention that I waited until my boys ready and wanted to try the potty.
Get them on the potty before it’s too close to their nap time (cranky kids do not cooperate). Raising kids in not an easy job.A  If you start early, you will succeed, so long as you give yourself time to fail and learn. I had the same spare change of pants and underwear in my bag for two months before we had to use them (just recently, and that was because of a lack of speed in getting to the potty on *my* part, not because of him).
When Ian and Aaron are all done wearing Huggies, we will be all done with disposables, but until then, I hope the slip-ons catch on, because I think they are great! If your life or personality does not allow for these things, you have to give yourself more months to potty train your little ones. Older kids are harder to train, but if your lifestyle and personality does not allow you to potty train your child, do it later.
I read more about infant potty learning (elimination communication) in the most recent issue of Mothering and I really think if we have a baby #3, I’m going to give it a try! The BEST piece of potty training advice I ever got (at least with regards to boys) was to wait until he started consistently waking up dry at night.
My daughter was doing all her pees and poops on the toilet or potty at 23 months (with the exception of nap- and bedtime). My older daughter did not talk until she was two years old, and even broke her arm at 20 months.A  She regressed on her night potty training for a month and I gave in. I would hold my child on the adult potty, either by seating them right in front of me, or just staying close while they sat.
They are made with the same exact materials, the only kind of disposable diapers that doesn't give my super-sensitive-bummed children diaper rashes. The moment you see the first sign of rhythm, it is time to start potty training your child. Follow all of these steps consistently and I am sure things will work out with training your infant.
My 20 month old has been waking up dry and been going on the potty in the mornings (we are working on potty breaks during the day. Spending time with your child on the potty is fun – you read them books and play games and they go. Positive reinforcement and creating a no-stress situation have been key in training my kids. My daughter will be 3 in February ANC I have felt HORRIBLE that she’s not potty trained!
If using the potty is part of life before that defiance sets in, it might go more smoothly.
We tried all the disposable brands available to us and he got a diaper rash from all of them except Huggies brand. It's at this point, that if a civilian friend or family member was watching, they would think I was crazy! And seriously, just because I am not crying my eyes out doesn't mean I love him any less than any other wife.

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