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By contrast, E took the decision himself, simply stating one day that he didn’t want to wear nappies any longer. This week I am revelling in the cooler days and the beautiful sunshine that Stockholm has to offer at this time of the year. A shiny new year means a good point from which to start afresh with actually trying to participate in R2BC each week. Yes, they both still do have accidents from time to time, but even when they were sick a few weeks ago, they both handled it really well.

We always knew he was a determined little boy and now he’s proven it in such a positive way.
When I am not trying to keep up with them, I'm here writing about them and other aspects of my life: a little bit on style, a whole lot more on my efforts for a smooth and productive day and my training (what I like to call CrossFit-lite), as well as our travels and my reflections on life as an English Mamma in Stockholm. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.
I’m juggling the busiest time of the year at work with birthday party prep and school applications for O.

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