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Quick Print Toddler ABC Behavior Chore Potty Training Reward Charts for Toddlers Preschool 1 2 3 4 5 year old. Looking for more training pants, we have a wide range of Cotton Training Pants and Waterproof Training Pants to choose from. I had to bribe him with promise of a biscuit if he sat on it because he was slightly dubious of the thing (despite it being Thomas related, and even then he kind of thought it was just a new toy).

The darned potty is supposed to play a song to alert us to this fact but I think it was too small an amount so it didn’t set the song button off. Nothing on this site should be taken as direct advice or in place of guidance and advice from a qualified health care professional who you have consulted with. We then upgraded to him sitting on it with no trousers (pants) or nappy, usually after a bath as this is sometimes when he does a wee and has no nappy on anyway.

We upgraded a few weeks ago to an all singing fancy Thomas the Tank Engine potty which is colourful, has a picture of Thomas on the inside and also (apparently) plays a song or noise when he (eventually) deposits something in it!

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