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For this post, a toddler is being defined as a child who is crawling or just beginning to walk and going on up through the age of two.
Before writing a toddler lesson plan, take the time to observe the toddler(s) in your care. To promote toddler development, the toddler must be an active participant in his or her own learning. As a toddler is given the opportunity to explore the environment, a variety of tools and materials need to be present and available that provide lots of different kinds of experiences for toddler play and exploration.
As different experiences within the toddler’s learning environment are repeated, new developmental milestones are both introduced and mastered. As I  observe my grandson, I notice that he has just started wearing shoes and is particularly interested in walking in those shoes. I can provide these walking experiences both in the indoor and outdoor learning environment though natural opportunities in play and exploration and the more we repeat the different types of walking  experiences the sooner he will master the ability to walk on different types of surfaces whether he is wearing those brand new shoes or not! Visit Over the Big Moon to grab these free printables which include matching, letter identification, prewriting practice, cutting practice, puzzles and more.
Whether helping your little one’s learn their colors or finding indoor activities to keep them entertained, you’re going to love this Bug Color Matching printable!

Help your Preschoolers identify beginning letter sounds with these 3 free printables from Squarehead Teachers! My youngest son will be in Kindergarten next year and, this Summer, we have been begun working on memorizing his Popcorn Words!
These printable Q-tip templates are great for challenging your little one’s fine motor skills. There are lots of printable learning activities for kids to enjoy such as learning shapes, matching games, plus many more preschool learning games listed below. Why not have look at our preschool printable worksheets that give you and your little one preschool teaching ideas.
Next we have some toddler learning games and toddler learning activities that come with free kids printables. The materials contained on this website are provided for general information purposes only and do not constitute legal or other professional advice on any subject matter. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
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In this edition, learn about QLS students' summer experiences, get an in-depth look at our faculty and students in the spotlight section and more. The readers of Parents Press have voted Quarry Lane the Best of 2015 in two categories: Independent Preschool and Foreign Language Cultural Immersion Summer Camp.
Toddler growth and development begins to take shape as toddlers are doing something and interacting with others. The learning environment includes any place a toddler spends time – outdoors or indoors. Eary Headstart is a bit more complicated than daycare, which is where I’ve been the past 6 years in childcare. Are you looking for something to keep your little one entertained during the colder months?

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