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A simple little info-graphic in the style of a child's drawing showing some common dangers around the home that are a risk to toddlers. When your baby first becomes mobile you may notice him trying to crawl up the stairs; follow his lead and show your baby how to safely navigate each step upwards on his tummy using his hands, elbows and knees. The child should step onto each step with both feet (so one step up, followed by the other on to the same step) and should never rush.
There is no doubt that child safety is crucial when ensuring your baby or toddler’s welfare and ultimately their well-being.
Therefore we, as parents, need to take a proactive stance in ensuring our kids remain safe when dealing with the various products marketed and produced for kids today, their time on the internet, as well as when travelling and at home!
Some of the most ‘apparently’ simple things in the home can in fact impose a danger to a child. The CPSC goes further to recommend cordless window coverings in homes where kids live or visit. DHSMV Promotes Child Safety Awareness in August - Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles May is Motorcycle & Bicycle Safety Awareness Month: it’s One Road… Share it, Florida!
The right home safety products can significantly reduce the risk of injury in young children, a U.S. A group of researchers at the Cincinnati Children’s Environmental Health center, led by Dr. Households fitted with safety gear saw an average of 14 child injuries per year for every 100 in homes that didn’t—although the risk remained essentially the same for the two groups. The study was published in the journal Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine on April 4.
Every mother loves her child and wishes to see them in the best of health and spirit, always. Luckily, injuries can be avoided if you take good care of your child and follow some practical rules by being a little proactive. Mother’s Zone brings to you some great tips on how you can keep your kid safe at home and away. By being proactive and following these babyproofing tips, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser.

Crawling babies and toddlers are naturally curious and in the blink of an eye they can be on the move and up to mischief! Instead, start to teach your little one how to safely go up and down stairs with ease as soon as he is on the move! Take each step at a time and encourage your child to hold your hand, or the spindles of the stair case. In the early days it may be advisable to wear bear feet so that the child can really get to grips with the surface of the floor. The affected ages of the quoted stats above range from 7 months old all the way to 10 years old. For legal advice please consult with a qualified legal practitioner and for medical related advice please consult your physician specialist.Some content on this site is provided by third parties and the accuracy thereof cannot be entirely guaranteed. Bruce Lanphear, found that stair gates, smoke detectors, and other passive measures cut the risk and extent of home injuries in children. Lanphear and his team inspected the homes of about 350 pregnant women and identified possible hazards to the child’s health.
Lanphear, is that there are home hazards that parents tend to overlook—and that protecting against them can benefit children more than their parents think. Lanphear believes that both parents and the government should play a role in making homes safer for kids.
Andrea Gielen of the Johns Hopkins Center for Injury Research and Policy agrees that making homes safer for kids is feasible, especially if healthcare providers step in. The chances of slipping or drowning in the bathtub are really high when it comes to children. It is necessary to keep in mind that all such things should be stored at such a place that is out of the reach of your little one, so that there are no chances of accidents. Make sure that you teach your pet the basic manners, and also teach your kid a few precautionary measures to enjoy harmless encounters with your lovable pet. It is important to keep your inquisitive child away from the electrical outlets to avoid the odds of electrical shocks.
As a parent, it is highly important to keep all the small household objects like pins, coins, buttons, small balls, earrings, etc.
Going down the stairs should be given as much focus as going up them and again make sure your child does not rush.

Here all window coverings with loops and roll ups should be carefully evaluated to make sure that safety is the first priority!
These included uneven furniture, open cabinets, and electrical sockets that could be within the child’s reach. The products used in the study, including installation costs, would cost about $1,000 for each family.
Parents can seek child-proofing advice from their pediatricians, or look into home visiting programs. Kids are highly vulnerable to injuries and wounds, owing to their unawareness about dangerous things, their non-stop playful activities and their adorable but naughty actions. So, no matter how urgent it is for you to pick the phone or open the door, always take your kid with you, and avoid any mishaps. Keep the sockets shielded with plastic covers and keep electrical appliances like iron, heater, hair dryer, etc. So, take all the necessary prevention steps to keep your child protected from dangers and accidents.
You should always supervise your child on the stairs and to prevent him accessing them when you are not there you should consider fitting stair gates to both the bottom and the top.
What it means, she says, is that parents and authorities can put their efforts together in creating safer home enviromments. Prevent your kid from accidental choking by making sure that nothing dangerous comes within their reach. If he prefers to climb the stairs using hands and knees then this is ok; confidence will come over time. Always ensure your stairs are free from any debris, including shoes, toys and newspapers as they can pose a real trip hazard.
Lanphear’s team also installed a series of approved safety products when the children were about 6 months old. The fixtures stayed for about two years, with researchers obtaining updates from the parents to see if any injuries had occurred or been prevented.

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