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The other day I was desperate to get a little bit of necessary paperwork completed and wanted something that would keep him independently occupied next to me without needing much input from me, for as long as we could manage. Materials: Rocks, shaving foam, paintbrush, water (can be in a cup, jug, water-bottle, squirter, etc) and something to contain them in. As he is very familiar with painting, the first thing he did was grab the paint brush and start painting things with the shaving foam. It wasn't long before all the rocks ended up in the shaving foam and the mixing and swirling began. He examined the properties of the shaving foam as he shook his spoon and discovered just how sticky it was and the force needed to remove it.
Water is one of his favourite things to play with so I had expected him to really be into squirting the water with the squirter bottle. One of our favorite things to do in the fall is to go to the Harvest Festival at a farm down the road. Add the wild rice, lentils, animals, vehicles,  and farmers ( you may recognize a few characters ). When the filling started scattering on the porch on purpose I gave her one warning that if she threw it down on purpose that I’d pack it all up. Big Red Barn by Margaret Wise Brown is one of my very favorite books to read to my daughter before bed although it took a while before she warmed up to it. The Cow Loves Cookies by Karma Wilson was as good as I expected it to be and I am a fan of the author. Sign up above and receive all new No Time for Flashcards posts directly in your email inbox. So Jamie and I spend a lot of time these days chatting online or texting about our patience-testing toddlers. I've decided that it's time to ramp up the entertainment around here - to find activities that will keep Beckett a little more occupied so we can avoid as many meltdowns and tantrums as possible. If you have a toddler, know a toddler, will EVER have a toddler or know one, pay attention this week because we are focusing our blog posts on this very fun, yet very exhausting age. Pretty simple and pretty self explanatory - I reinforced 3 sides of the bag with clear packing tape to keep the gel from oozing out, and then filled the bag with the blue gel. I love that these bags are so inexpensive and easy to make - and you can make a new one any time you feel like it. You may use one image from The Pinterest Project on your personal blogs, only where proper acknowledgement and credit (i.e.
I added the soapy water and cornstarch and kept mixing them together until I got the right consistency. Since my toddler wanted more goop, I added more cornstarch and soapy water and let her have a go at it.

The best part was that the soapy goop in addition to being bubbly and squishy, behaved like regular goop. To continue to play with us, keep in touch via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus or our personal favorite Pinterest. I’ve never played with goop before and just want to know before making it with my toddler: how is the cleanup? At this stage in his development, I find that this type of play is likely to hold his attention for longer than many of the ways we play.
I knew my best chances would be something sensory but I didn't have the time for preparations and I didn't want something that was going to create a large mess.
We use ours indoors almost daily as a "discovery table" and it's an easy, light weight, portable item that I can quickly throw all manner of items in to be explored and investigated in a more contained environment. This type of self-initiated and directed play is exactly what you'd be hoping for and I always try to encourage it within reason. However, the slipperiness of the shaving foam on his hands and the bottle meant he was struggling to use it the way he normally would.
Your child should love dropping the dirty rocks into the bucket, watching the splash from the drop, seeing the water change from clear to murky and lifting the rocks out with a spoon to reveal them nice and clean once again. Items that aren't so solid and smooth will be trickier to get all the shaving foam off with a paint brush. Last year we took our apples and pressed them into cider, the kids jumped off bales of hay and my son even rode a horse .  He  has been looking forward to this for a few weeks and when I asked him what sort of sensory tub we should make for his sister he suggested a fall farm sensory tub. These little apple sauce cups were a perfect for filling and spilling and she filled them one tiny grain at a time. Of all these activities within the activity only one writing in the popcorn was initiated by me. I was worried because I loved reading it to my son and couldn’t wait to share it with her.  The story is simple readers see a day in the life of a big red barn and all the animals inside. Every page is filled with funny mix ups like Showing pictures of Bears gathering nuts and geese hibernating. The story has just the right amount of rhyme, rhythm and absurdity that makes for a great picture book. I have been trying a few sensory bins with my youngest (just turned 3) and he won’t stop throwing it on the floor!
But this year I’m going to do my own preschool with him using a lot (if not all) of your stuff on here. Just in case you are not aware of this wonderful play compound, goop is a non-Newtonian fluid which acts like a solid when pressure is applied ( holding and playing) and acts as a liquid when left alone.
Add lavender fragrance to calm down and may be lemon or orange to make play time exciting and fun.

Here you'll find plenty of craft projects for your kids sorted by type and by age group, you can even find projects that adults can make for their little ones.
She's a creative mom with a passion for crafts and is always out searching for more to share with you! I would go for a divided table with at least 2 separate sections as I've found them to be the most useful. He desperately wanted water though so managed to get me to include a small jug of water to the activity. Sometimes I have the sensory tubs ready to go all pretty and presented and sometimes I have the kids help. Readers follow along as the farmer feeds all the animals their traditional foods except the cow, the cow loves cookies. We have 2 farm sets that never get used for more than five minutes – thanks for the fantastic idea. Use the category menu at the top or the search function, or just browse the thumbnails on the homepage. Getting say, a cushion off the couch to add to the shaving foam, may not be as encouraged, haha).
It’s  calm , soothing and Felicia Bond’s illustrations are perfect, I love how the sky subtly changes as the night beckons.  A wonderful book for anytime, but especially poignant before bed. I read this to both my kids and while my 2 year old liked the pictures and laughed a long with her 5 year old brother really she was just giggling because he was. The text is paced so well that you can’t help but read it in a sing song and the repetition lends itself to listener participation. If you are a commercial business or would like to use more than one image please contact us to discuss before using any of our images. The illustrations by Chad Cameron are stunning as well and a perfect accompaniment to the silly text. While having fun kids will learn about farm responsibilities, what animals eat and maybe a thing or two about milk and cookies too. In the end the massive spill at the store was well worth it because the sensory tub was a hit . The illustrations by Marcellus Hall express so much emotion and have a funky vintage feel that makes the whole book a pleasure to read.

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