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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Holly MacCormick on October 22, 2013 I don’t have children of my own, but I did live with a wonderfully chatty Siamese cat for more than twenty years. That’s why I was intrigued by this story on a Stanford research team that discovered a link between toddlers’ language skills and how often their caregivers talk directly to them.
Recently, I spoke with Anne Fernald, PhD, associate professor of psychology and the senior author of these studies, to learn what her research team’s findings mean for people who want to improve their toddler’s communication skills.
In the first study (subscription required), the team of Fernald, research associate Virginia Marchman, PhD, and Fernald’s graduate student Adriana Weisleder tracked the early language proficiency skills of 48 English-speaking, 18-month-old children from high and low-income families. They found that toddlers from low-income families were significantly slower to develop language and vocabulary skills.
The second study (subscription required), on which Weisleder was lead author, asked whether differences among children in their early language experience at home could help explain why they varied so much in their early language skills.
I found it remarkable that words that were not addressed directly to the infant, such as conversations nearby or words from a television or radio, had no significant effect on the development of the baby’s language or vocabulary skills. I asked Fernald why toddlers have such strikingly different responses to words that are spoken directly to them, versus words they overhear. Holly MacCormick is a writing intern in the medical school’s Office of Communication & Public Affairs. Make your budget stretch further on all the top brand essentials, plus 100s of handy products you won’t find on the high street. A guest blog by Mori, who aim to help simplify the early stages of parenthood by producing durable baby clothing made from naturally-derived materials. The Baby & Toddler Show speaks to Piccolo’s infant nutrition expert, Alice Fotheringham about starting your little one on a lifetime of healthy eating. Over at The Baby & Toddler Show HQ we have put some suggestions together on how to create meaningful and long-lasting keepsakes after the arrival of your baby.
Carrying your baby (or toddler) in a wrap, sling or carrier is commonly known as babywearing.
The Western regional ceremony of the National Youth Theatre Awards takes place this Sun, Aug 21, at the Herberger Theater Center in downtown Phoenix. Other Valley schools nominated for a 2010-2011 National Youth Theatre Award are Horizon High School and Sandra Day O’Connor High School. The Western regional ceremony this weekend will also honor achievements in outstanding youth orchestra and y0uth choral performance. Appearing with Tony Award winners in lovely, but I’m eager for the day when Valley youth start bringing home their own Tony Awards. Kaiser and I were talking about this, and she has reservations about us giving these people any publicity, which I totally get. Ill take a daughter who likes to dress up over junk food eating, knive & gun playing kids anyday.
You’d rather buy tabloids writing something about someone over tabloids writing about an interview someone gave?
I predict that in a few years when they become adults, there will be reality show featuring this kid, Honey Boo Boo Child, and the rest of these freaks beating the crap out of each other for a few more minutes of fame. Honey Boo Boo has at least show she can write unlike Eden who can’t read at the same age.
These stories always make me want to give my mom a hug for not doing this kind of stuff to me.
I know what you mean — all these tarted-up little girls look like baby-sized middle-aged women. I have never, ever watched the Toddlers & Tiaras show and the most I know about it is what I read in People sometime last year.
I saw this little girl on a clip that came my way a couple of days ago and I have to say, she seemed either totally obnoxious or high.
People should be more concerned with Suri (who by the way also wears heels, frilly dresses and make up) being raised in a cult than a little girl who likes to dress up – like every little girl I know. My five-years old daughter could certainly tell you the name of at least 5 of her best friends. Yes, seven year olds do have more than one friend and yes, they are quite capable of remembering the names of other kids they’re routinely around.
Suri may have a weird life, with parents who are all out for themselves and would pimp her out, since she was a few days old, to the papps for attention, but still I think she is relatively happy and normal.

Judging by the number and tone of comments here, people loathe the kid, the mother, and the show. It seems that most people are reasonable about this, and can totally see the dangers and the sad future coming in a hurry for these kids. Im torn between being disgusted by her get-up (Hello to all pedos) and feeling sorry for her. When I was 7, not only did I know my friends’ first and last names, I was reading books (gasp!) and I had all the states and their capitals memorized!!
Cogswell wrote that many of the toddler foods and snacks, even the meals that are not considered “sweets”, including salty snacks, contain at least one added sugar.
Cogswell said that a healthy diet is poor in added sugars and salt and rich in fresh fruits and vegetables. This is crucial for preventing chronic diseases later in life, diseases that are associated with bad food choices. According to Cogswell, the recommended daily salt intake ranges from 120 ml for infants aged 0-6 months old, 370 mg for toddler between the ages of 7-12 months, and 1,000 mg for babies aged 1-3 years. The study gathered and analyzed the data from more than 1,000 packaged foods and drinks for infants and toddlers.
However, more than three quarters of dinner for toddlers aged 1-3 years old were found to be high in sodium, which means that these foods contain more than 210 mg of salt per serving. The study also shows that some toddler foods contained a high content of added sugar, more than 35% of the foods’ total calories. Cogsewell advises parents to read carefully the nutrition panel on processed foods, and should look for foods that are labeled “no salt”, “low-sodium” and “no sugar added”. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The Baby & Toddler Show, supported by Emma’s Diary, in partnership with Nurofen for Children, is returning to the North West 26-28 September and with it comes all the shopping and expert advice new and expectant parents need to give their baby the best start in life. The largest event of its kind in the North West, The Baby & Toddler Show has an amazing line-up of big name brands, unique innovative products, local companies and services and experts who are ready to give you a helping hand in parenthood! Plus, new for Autumn 2014, is a whole range of features, designed to add to a great day out and give you even more reasons to visit the unmissable Baby & Toddler Show! What’s more, every mum will receive a free goody bag packed with a fantastic range of branded products including nappies, wipes, toiletries and more. Visiting is easy and stress-free – EventCity is really easy to get to, there is free parking, easy access for bumps and babies, The Feeding Area with Vital Baby and a Baby Changing Area too.
Though she couldn’t respond to me in English, I admit I often talked to my cat because I was convinced it helped her understand me. This result is consistent with what researchers have known since the 1950s: Children from higher-income families often perform better in school than children from lower-income families. The first new finding was that this disparity in academic performance was already apparent when the toddlers were just 18 months old. She is a graduate student in ecology and evolutionary biology at University of California-Santa Cruz. For some women, morning sickness is nothing short of a minor inconvenience, but for others, it can have a significant impact on their day-to-day activities and quality of life. More and more people are deciding to give it a go as an everyday way of getting around with infants, both at home and when they are out. Schools and theater companies from other Western states, including Arkansas, Colorado and Texas, are nominated for awards as well. In the meantime, it’s a thrill to watch them participate in ceremonies for the National Youth Theatre Awards and the AriZoni Awards.
More than 400 day camps around the Valley and 50-plus overnight camps in Arizona, California and around the country. This little girl is being groomed to fill the void in the pathologic mother who is vicariously living through her. I mean being confronted with the pressure of good-looking, being thin and stuff at such a young age is definitly dangerous. The beauty aesthetic (if you can bring yourself to call it that) for these pageants is really dated and weird-looking. Ok, so maybe I am not setting myself up to look like the most intelligent person by watching it but it is mindless entertainment.

They are extremely functional human beings, and already at an age where they can begin to fashion abstract thoughts.
I’m quite sure that at her age, I could have told you the names of everybody in my first grade or second grade class plus the names of all the kids in the neighborhood. I had quite a few friends at that age plus tons of sleep overs and neighborhood gatherings and knew every single one of their names and they knew mine. This assumption that children are idiots or should be treated as such is really beginning to alarm me. She became extremely Eden like and no one liked her afterwards yet she blamed it on their jealousy.
According to the new study, seven out of 10 packaged foods for young toddles were found to contain an excessive amount of sodium.
She advises families with young babies to teach them from an early age how to have healthy eating habits. The results show that more than 600 vegetables, meals, dry cereals and ready-to-serve grains and fruits meant for babies under the age of 1 have a low sodium content. Though cats and kids are dramatically different, I can see why many new parents are eager to know when their child will begin to talk and what they can do to help him or her learn to communicate better. The second new finding was that by the age of 24 months, children from low-income families lagged not just in their vocabulary, but were also six months behind children from higher-income families in their ability to process language. We found that when a parent (or caregiver) talks directly to the child in an engaged and supportive manner, that’s what is correlated with the child’s language processing ability and vocabulary learning,” she said.
I’m pointing a finger at her mom and dad, who have pimped her out at the expense of her childhood. They need to find fault with SOMETHING in that seemingly perfect existence, so they like to imagine that Brange are terrible parents.
I saw that clip of her on Wendy Williams a couple of days ago, and my eyes rolled so hard they could’ve snapped free from the optic nerve. I don’t know how the two shows compare, but I got the impression from LMP that most of the girls would rather be doing anything else but beauty pageants. Now, this being said I think a lot of these girls are being set up to be spoiled brats and difficult to deal with for the rest of their lives.
There is some guilt attached because I hate giving them any kind of viewership or ratings, but it’s so outrageous at times. I honestly dont know too many young kids who dont have friends let alone not being able to name the one they consider a friend. She later left school altogether and her mom homeschooled her for a while and she picked up bit parts in low budget movies and American Dreams.
She notes that for young babies, the majority of foods have a low content of sodium, and foods made of vegetables, fruits and dry cereals do not contain any added sugar. No one is asking her to list 50 people, but she sounds like she only interacts with two little girls her age and seldom enough that she doesn’t even know one of their names.
Sure she has people fawning all over her and she has her own show and ambitions, but where will that get her eventually, when she’s old enough to understand what happened? She is just a chubby 7 year old who has not been taught respect or even the basics of reading. As we also heard earlier this week, little Eden had a bit of an attitude on The Wendy Williams show. It is sad to see a child this young (or any age) that is as rude as she is and her mom thinks she is fuuny. I’m a mom to a seven year old, and I encourage my son to have manners and be thankful. And if her mom or dad or someone does not start taking her education more serious, they are settin her up to fail.

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