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Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee: 4-year-old Destiny’s beauty pageant costumed included a fake cigarette. On last night’s episode, Destiny shocked viewers as she swaggered onto the stage with a wild nest of teased hair, a puffy black leather jacket and a cigarette between her lips. Paisley, age 3, strutted across the stage dressed as Julia Roberts in the opening scene of the movie “Pretty Woman.” In thigh-high black patent leather boots and a tight blue mini skirt, she dressed in the same outfit Roberts wore when depicting a prostitute. Mia, age 2, scuffled onto the stage in a white robe and angel wings and then nervously stripped down to a gold cone-breasted bustier in 2011. Maddy Jackson, age 4, dressed up as Dolly Parton for a beauty pageant where hundreds of spectators cheeWhat happened to the smoking toddler? The image caused such public outcry around the world that the Indonesian Government was forced to set up a special rehabilitation programme to help Aldi kick the habit. For the Rizals, life hasn't been the same since pictures of Aldi smoking were broadcast around the world. A California man is in hot water after uploading a Vine of a toddler taking a hit of a marijuana joint while people crack up laughing in the background.
Uploaded by user Niko Wavy, the video has since been deleted, but was also uploaded to another account by the name of ChiefSmokes (pictured above).
The little girl, aged roughly 2-3, puts a cigarette into her mouth and inhales a number of times before exhaling dark smoke. The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube, has caused public outrage and was believed to have been taken in Finland. A 2-year-old from Sumatra, Indonesia, stunned the world after he was pictured chain-smoking cigarettes. The Indonesian government then launched a campaign after public outcry, so as to deal with the issue of children smoking and to coordinate special rehab treatment to help Ardi stop.

Rizal was brought to the capital Jakarta for therapy sessions for 2 weeks to divert his mind off his habit of 40-a-day and be taught to be a normal child for the first time. At the time of his treatment, Ardi saw psychiatrists who spurred his mother to keep him occupied with playing and educate her concerning the risks of smoking. Dr Kak Seto, one of the medics, still sees Ardi and his family at regular phases to make sure he is not returning to old habits. However, Mrs Rizal was at present worried about her Ardi’s weight, as he had developed food cravings while quitting smoking, and now had a big appetite. A few weeks back, the Labour party proposed a children amendment and Families Bill that would outlaw drivers in private cars from smoking when a toddler is present. Mark Drakeford, who is the Health Minister, also believed electronic cigarettes were normalizing smoking. She’s 4 years old—and one of the young girls on TLC’s infamous Toddlers & Tiaras reality show about the world of child beauty pageants.
Destiny was dressed to look like Olivia Newton John’s tough-girl character Sandy in the musical movie Grease. But lately he's swapped his 40-a-day habit for a new addiction – foodAldi Rizal stunned the world when it was revealed he had a 40-a-day smoking habit, aged just two.
Three years later, he is a cheeky, normal five-year-old boy and hasn't smoked a cigarette since. It is unclear when he started smoking but Diane and her husband, Mohamed, believe the youngster picked up the habit after stealing cigarettes from his grandmother.Soon, he was smoking a staggering two packs a day. In his spare time he helps his parents at the market, where his bubbly character wins him lots of attention.Diane hopes there will be a time in the future when Aldi will be able to put his bad habits behind him once and for all.
The toddler was discovered in a poor village in Sumatra, Indonesia, puffing on a cigarette while riding his tricycle.

His huge appetite has seen him gorge on junk food and fatty snacks, including three cans of condensed milk a day.Today, he weighs nearly 4st – double what he should healthily weigh at his age. And although X-rays have found that Aldi's lungs have not been affected by his smoking, further CT scans have revealed he has a thickening in the muscles around his heart, which could be the result of overeating.Medics have now urged Aldi's mother, Diane, 28, to put her son on a strict diet. But there are many people still offering him cigarettes.'Alarmingly, the sight of young children with cigarettes is not unusual in Indonesia – where there is no minimum age limit on smoking.
But the family may find it a struggle not to give in to the strong-willed little boy.'It was very hard when Aldi stopped smoking,' says Diane.
According to the National Commission for Children's Protection, nearly two per cent of Indonesian children start the habit aged just four.But since Aldi's story made headlines, the Government has launched a campaign to combat the problem. Under its instruction, 'the smoking toddler' was flown to Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, for rehabilitation treatment. He banged his head against the wall if he couldn't get what he wanted and have terrible temper tantrums.'But it finally worked. Today, Aldi still sees a psychiatrist at regular intervals, as well as a nutritionist who aims to get the youngster to lose a stone. He eats a lot and I know he is larger than his friends.'The doctors have said there is a thickening around his heart and this is a worry.

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