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For many people, toddler speech delays immediately bring to mind the possibility of autism. You might even notice in your infant, before his first year, that he is different than other babies.
Not every child is the same, comparing your child to your friend’s child will do you no good and lead to unnecessary worrying on your part. I discovered for the first time that same day (although she knew this about him) that he was avoiding her because he knew she would tell him it was time to leave soon and he didn’t want to. Of course, if you feel concerned for your child’s speech development and are concerned about a possible autism diagnosis, discuss with your child’s pediatrician.

When my son was not talking by the age of 15 months, we had no idea it may have been autism. My daughter has speech and developmental delays, and lots of people kept telling me it was autism. A friend of mine from high school has an autistic daughter and she’s really a neat kid. I worked with a lot of autistic children and can point out many similarities they all share.
She will help you assess and may refer you to The New Jersey Early Intervention System (NJEIS), which provides statewide services to developmentally delayed kids from birth to age 3. In fact, the other day, we did a whole discussion on that subject: Is it a Speech Delay or Autism?
I knew something was going on with my son and he was diagnosed with ADHD and a developmental delay. For those who have little to no experience with either, it’s understandable how they can draw conclusions. At 3, a child will transition to the school district’s resources, since they have special education programs.

Autism is so misunderstood that many people really do think it’s little more than a speech delay or language disorder.
They are very different, just some of the challenges the parents will face will be the same; but the issue that is happening within the child are so different! I love speech therapy, shopping, organization, cooking, blogging, pumpkin pie chai lattes, and Zumba! For more information about New Jersey’s early intervention services, contact your pediatrician or head to the NJEIS website. So today, we want to clear up some of those misconceptions about both toddler speech delays and autism.

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