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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. With her blue eyes and cheeky grin, Fifi Box's adorable daughter Beatrix 'Trixie' Belle is hard to miss. In a fluffy cream coat, polka-dot dress and white striped leggings the one-year-old was already showing off a flair for fashion. Clearly taking after her mother, the toddler has the same short blonde hair, which was decorated with charming little bows for the day - likely put there by her mum. The cakes they make taste so authentic, not overly sweet and with such a subtle soft cream. Since we were doing everything last minute, we opted for a simple cake that we [attempted to] attached a tutu to.
Alexa was too timid to go anywhere near the people at first and Lexi didn’t know how to blow well yet so she was spitting all over the place (Cringe!
Finally the candle was blown out and then Lexi asked for it again and again ( we told her we would do it at home). Every parent has their own challenges with their kids but not many handle them as well as Alexa’s parents do.
The only reason she looks sad in some of the photos you see is because most of the time I bring the camera out for new experiences, rather than mundane ones (like you mentioned as well).
To say that her parents should rob her of experiences that she enjoys once she is given time is ignorant at best. She wasn’t interested in blowing them out, so I think she was feeling much better watching.
By the way, I was trying to figure out the swans on top and there is your hand floating around on one of the pictures :) that was funny!

You don’t need to worry about our Alexa, she is a very happy girl that lights up our lives and makes us laugh every single day.
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Mitsubishi Evo Long considered the top rival of the Impreza, various guises of this rally special claimed world championships with Tommi Makinen at the helm. Ford EscortThe Ford Escort remains one of the most iconic rally cars of all time, winning 20 World Rallies between 1975 and 1981, including the 1977 RAC Rally, which featured a stage at Oulton Park.
Darrian T90These unique machines are custom prepared rally specials, several of which compete in club rallying. PLEASE NOTE – YOU WILL REQUIRE A VALID ADMISSION TICKET OR VALID PASS TO GAIN ACCESS TO THE VENUE AT THIS EVENT. So it's no wonder the one-year-old - wearing bright candy-striped leggings to match her sweet red ensemble - stole the show while out for lunch with mum. I photograph Lexi, who launches into newness and, with Lexi, Alexa is photographed as well. If anything Lexis’ friendship has taught me is how polarizingly different personalities can be and how different the parental approaches should be. We have thousands of pictures with her beautiful smiling face :) and she amazes us with her cautious yet very intelligent ways.

This car captured the imagination of a generation in the hands of Colin McRae with Richard Burns and Petter Solberg also achieving global success in the Japanese motoring icon! The 37-year-old radio presenter was spotted earlier this month keeping a careful eye on her bub, who was chowing down on bread and making a mess for mum. Alexa did get a chance to blow out a candle too later when there weren’t so many people around.
We actually always tell her where we are going, who we are going to see and what activity we are going to do.
She is cautious and introverted, which means new experiences and strange people don’t sit well with her until she has had time to watch from the sidelines and get used to them. For her, that often means being cautious and watching carefully without approaching the situation. It is very rare that she doesn’t want to go somewhere or do an activity we bring her to.
She was very excited about her birthday party as she is about most things being a toddler who loves to see and learn new things. She loved the entertainer part of her party and was dancing and singing along with mommy in tow. She of course had to blow out candles at home all week after she realized that despite them being hot, if she didn’t actually touch them, they would not hurt her.
She also was in love with her balloon flower that the entertainer made for her and we couldn’t get her out of the pool to leave at the end.

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