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This step is light enough for my 2 year old to carry herself and it is great that the lower step slides under for storage.
Good quality sturdy product (my husband has stood on it to put up some hooks!), and the perfect height for my 2.5 yr old to reach both the toilet and the sink - has made her much more independent as it is also just light enough for her to move between the two.
Our stool came with some yellow stains on the top which I think must be related to the glue, but I decided they weren't important! I ordered the item next day, and it arrived first thing in the morning, well packaged and via a reliable courier service.
These steps are a bit of an investment as they cost so much more than the plastic ones, but they look really great in my bathroom and I'm confident that they will last for years to come.
I’m constantly sliding them out of my way with my foot, have banged my toes on them more than once, and am counting down the days until my younger child is old enough to reach the sink without a step stool.Scarlett’s a petite little thing, plus she potty trained before she was two, which means that when she first began needing to wash her hands “by mah seff,” she couldn’t even reach the sink with your basic toddler stool.
Despite being light it is more than strong enough for me to stand on myself and so will be useful even when my daughter no longer needs it.

Perfect for mum to put her feet on while feeding, great for when baby's older for getting to the toilet! My 2 year old uses just the first step to wash her hands at the sink but uses both steps to climb onto the loo. We absolutely love the stool, the second step can be slid underneath to save space, and it is so easy for my daughter to move. This Two-Step Toddler Stool has a low center of gravity, so toddlers can climb and reach places, safely and securely. It is a great height for her to use in the bathroom washing hands and brushing teeth encouraging her to do these tasks independently. Perfect height for both her feet to be firmly resting so she can safely sit on the toilet without having to balance. An easy-to-clean lacquer finish, plus built-in handles, make maintaining and moving this stool easy.

It is truly magical.At restaurants, airports, and retail stores, bathroom usage involves an awkward hoisting up of child to sink.
The lower step has a built-in handle and can be easily pulled out creating two levels for easy access to the sink. Heather even travels with one, when they go by car, of course, because hotel room bathrooms don’t typically offer a stool.

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