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Early stuttering intervention: speaking is living9 April 2013 Stuttering typically starts in two to three year old children and can hinder educational and occupational success, also causing serious psychological problems later in life, says Professor Mark Onslow (left). I hope you all are having a great week!  Enter my giveway below to earn all of my game packs from Energizing Robots Articulation.  Get ready for March because I am bringing all of you a month jam packed with FREEBIES, giveaways, resources and therapy ideas.  Hang in there speechies, Spring break is right around the corner! Winter storm advisory for tonight & tomorrow so not looking forward to the commute tomorrow.
Sounds like Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day that ended with the sweetness of a child’s love!
Forgot to add the exciting news…my youngest declared her major—a new speechie in the family! CNN partnered with child development experts who analyzed the social media feeds of 200 eighth graders from across the country. Addiction may be the word to describe how teens feel about their online lives and use of social media. The parents of the participating teens were also studied, and 94 percent of them underestimated the amount of fighting and negativity that happened online. While teens may feel hurt, excluded and pained by some of the social media they see, they also find affirmation, and support from their online lives.
Once you do give your children the privilege of a phone and the use of social media, there should be plenty of conversations about the pros and cons of the online world.

With a national following, a bustling website and decades of experience, award-winning pediatrician Dr. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They admitted to posting comments that they would never say in person and to some people that they barely know. Sue Hubbard is “The Kid’s Doctor™.” Her patients, along with thousands of readers and listeners rely on Dr.
Sue attended the University of Texas at Austin, completing medical school at UT’s Houston Health Science Center Medical School and her residency at UT’s Dallas Southwestern Medical Center and Children’s Medical Center.
Sue has been named “Best Pediatrician” in Dallas by D Magazine 1998-2001, 2004, 2006-2009 a “Super Doc” by Texas Monthly magazine in 2004, 2006-2009. Last week I was sick Mon and Tues and then we had a snow day on Thurs and Fri; so I was not ready for work either.
The study analyzed more than 150,000 social media posts of these 13 year olds over a six-month period. Many of the comments also contained profanity, explicit language, pornography and even comments about drug use. But, I also have 8-year-old patients talking to me about their Instagram and Facebook accounts.

Sue for expert advice on common medical ailments to the emotional and cultural challenges of raising children in a high-tech world. For the past 20 years, she’s worked at Pediatric Associates of Dallas, where she sees patients from cradle through college.
Social phobia is a constant fear of social humiliation and embarrassment," says Professor Onslow.He says that early intervention is the best way of getting rid of stuttering for young children, using behaviour modification.
Even with parental monitoring it seems that these young children could inadvertently be exposed to inappropriate posts. Professor Onslow believes that the future of early intervention lies with an online treatment program."I hope that one day many families who need assistance with a stuttering child can access an online treatment program and children won't have to go to a clinic. Sue’s three boys with husband, Lee, continue to educate her in her role as a parent and pediatrician. In other words says Professor Onslow, the more severe your stuttering the less likely you are to attain the educational qualifications you want. That research has prompted further calls for early intervention and treatment for pre-school and school age children.The ASRC is a world leader in stuttering research, widely recognised for its work in speech pathology.

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