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After making the 6-9 month and 12-18 month sizes for this sun hat, I knew I would be making the toddler size. This one, the toddler size, should fit your 18 month old from now and for the next couple years. For those traveling with children, important items to pack include sunscreen, hats, and protective shirts.
You should pack a life jacket for any young people or people who aren't comfortable swimming. People flying to a beach vacation should try to pack light and find access to a laundromat near the vacation destination. When you figure out what clothing should make your beach vacation packing list, consider the kind of options you’ll have to wash dirty clothing.
You can summarize what you might need to include in a beach vacation packing list by looking at your needs on the beach.
SurfNturf- One of the most important things on a family beach vacation packing list is sunscreen.

If you’re going to camp on a beach you may want to bring a tent; unless you're staying in a lean-to. I have camped on the beaches of Hawaii many times, and some of the things that we brought were plenty of shorts, a few of coolers full of drinks, a couple boxes of dry goods, and water for cooking and drinking (if it isn't readily available at the beach). Check out and please share this great list of essential oils that are regarded as useful for children! I wanted to add that although you could rent a boogie board and other beach toys like that, I would rather bring my own when packing for a trip. We would also bring a couple of tarps to make shade, a camp stove if we weren't building a fire pit, and appropriate cutlery and silverware. We took her and her daughter, age 2, out for dinner & Krystal asked me if I could make Mackenzie a sun hat from a picture. Consider buying rash guard swimsuits to pack for your vacation. These swimsuits are light and airy and provide a sun protection factor of 50. If you're traveling in your car to your beach destination than it might not be a problem to bring additional toys with you.

They can also double for casual attire too as many of these swimsuits have long sleeves with long shorts.
Don’t forget to bring other needed things like identification, insurance information, and some money for spending. I've had too many trips where I have forgotten some of these items, so I don’t want that to happen again. For example, you might want to pack beach clothing for the morning and a more casual outfit for the afternoon.

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