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I considered using snaps for the bow ties, but velcro works much better, since my son won't sit still for me to put these on.
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He loved the bakery pastries and sandwiches (even if we would have rather been eating fresh pasta at a restaurant with a glass of wine). He was fascinated by the local boys playing soccer in a little square we wandered into (and even tried  to join in, ha.
Trying to reach the canals was a fun challenge (even if it nearly gave Aki a heart attack). The bright red fire hydrants were awesome (even if in hindsight, they may have been awesome to local dogs as well). Before Mateo was born, I had big ideas of taking monthly (possibly weekly?) photos of the little bear and saving all of his milestones along with every photo. The IDEA was to create a fun photo book to remember that first crazy whirlwind of a year and print off copies for all of the grandparents as well.
For those of you who are awesome and have accomplished taking photos of your children *and* making them into photo books, you guys rock. You flew to Florida to visit your cousins (highlights were being able to run around outside without a jacket and digging in every patch of sand you could find).

You’ve been taking the bus a lot with Tata (Aki) and me but you prefer the train a lot more.
For the best experience we suggest upgrading your browser to the latest version, or optionally downloading Google Chrome or Firefox. I have so many more photos, and so many more little details to share, but right now I’m exhausted!
This is definitely a day I want to remember — so glad we snuck in a few family portraits.
But friends, when you have a babe in tow you have to let some things go, and just go with the flow. You RAN out there with your basket and I was so proud of what a big boy you were…haha, you were actually making a b-line for a pinecone. Apparently you don’t care about fashion, interior design or photography as much as I do. I don’t know whether his particular trousers are in stock or not, but they always carry some adorable version of shorts or pants with suspenders. Lately he’s been dancing in them (a sort of a jig)—he turns, taps, shuffles himself around, and sometimes does a version of skating (between crashes to the floor).
In those three weeks we shuttled through two days of flights (including an overnight stay in Stockholm on the way home), a road trip, and a ferry boat.

Our original plans included a drive on to Rome or Vienna (weren’t sure which) but we nixed those plans.
It’s time to record a few things for the grandparents, and for Mateo to be able to look back one day. I doubt anyone ever meant for them to be worn (they were actually clipped together), but Mateo begged to differ. I spent yesterday afternoon listening to Spanish talk radio and looking through photos of that trip.
Yeah, next time.The moral of the story is, not every moment of traveling with a baby is going to be stress-free. Mateo was a grumpy little bear.OH that boy tried my patience! But you know what’s funny?

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