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In this article about toddler tantrums, I’ll explain the different contributing factors, the ways to prevent a tantrum from happening and the ways to end a tantrum fast. Now you know the little things you can do prevent toddler tantrums from happening and the different factors that can contribute to a tantrum. In order to effectively deal with toddler tantrums, parents need to do their best to prevent a tantrum from happening and not feel like they failed if it does happen because the tantrum will be way easier to handle anyway. Take a minute to check out the #1 rated parenting program called Democratic Parenting for children between 1 and 12. My daughters tantrums have gotten significantly worse over time, and she’s only 17 months old. Always avoid going to shops with a tired or hungry child – a packet of raisins or their favourite toy in the push chair can be weapons of defence against an outburst, if you have no other option but to go out. Even if - your toddler is really strong-willed, stubborn, oppositional, has ADHD, ODD or even diagnosed with some other condition (you will learn why it almost always works in this program!). Even if - you have read other books and programs, asked questions on forums, talked to other parents, and even tried a counselor or psychologist for therapy…and now feel like there is no hope.
As Parenting expert and licensed psychologist, I am often amazed at how effective this toddler tantrum solution really is! This approach has been tested and proven with thousands of toddlers, with all kinds of toddler tantrums, from the typical to most extreme meltdowns – sometimes including hitting and acting out.
He would have meltdowns in public, and if I didn’t do things his way… he would throw a wild tantrum! And then I found your website and the Stop Toddler Tantrums Program and followed your advice. Are you still struggling to find peace in your life because you are dealing with toddler tantrums that grow consistently worse every day? Everywhere you look there are self-help books and advice on how to be a better parent and how to fix everything about your toddler.
And I want to help you with one solution that really works (The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide).
Eventually, I realized that maybe I was getting sucked into a perspective that limited my abilitiy to help.
I Stumbled Upon The Answer That Almost Instantly Fixed Every Tantrum That Came Through My Office— Regardless Of Diagnosis or Toddler Temperment. It was like discovering a hidden secret ingredient that made everything come together, both for me as the parenting psychologist—but more importantly for mom and dad!
Bottom Line: There is ONE ESSENTIAL CHANGE that every parent must make to stop those tantrums. As a Child and Family Psychologist, I’ve worked with families where toddler tantrum at home, in the car, at school, on outings… and just about everywhere! Long before I considered having children… I had gone through what seems like a dozen tantrums in one day!
So please trust me, I truly understand how you could be at the absolute end of your rope — or at least close!
Yes, some tantrums do sometimes just fade away naturally… and these are usually the mild ones. But that may not be as important as this fact: You are reading this letter because tantrums are stealing the joy and ease from your home, and you just want to stop the tantrums — if you can! And… to make matters worse… when you use the typical, outdated information for these severe tantrums, your parenting efforts (as well-intentioned as they may be) are just making things worse! Bottom line: Toddler tantrums destroy your happiness, squeeze the joy from your life, and make your blood boil. My passion to help parents by using practical, down-to-earth strategies that get results has led me to be featured in numerous articles in the Wall Street Journal, the Times Union, and various newspapers and parenting magazines. My system works and I want to help you bring peace to your life and put an end to toddler tantrums that are drivng you crazy, and robbing your home of happiness.
In my work with thousands of families, I have seen how ugly, how scary, how out-of-control, how demanding and uncooperative your toddler can be. They don’t understand your toddler, your struggles and the need for powerful tools that really stop those god-awlful tantrums right in their track. You Would Be Embarrassed To Admit How Much You Give In To Your Toddler To Avoid a Tantrum? Youa€™ve Said a€?Yesa€? When You Know That You Should Have Said a€?Noa€?… Just To Avoid A Tantrum?
Please be awarea€¦ if you said YES to more than 3 of these Tantrum Test questions, then you probably need to read the rest of this letter.
It just means you need a better set of tools for your toolbox, and most folks just don’t know the right tools. You have heard from well-intention resources, such as parents, friends and even your toddler’s pediatrician.
Extreme, persistent, nerve-wracking tantrums can be changed quickly.often in a matter of days. Can you imagine what it would be like to wake up without a single worry about a tantrum tomorrow?
What if you didn’t have to plan everything ahead of time to dance around a possible upset? And even better, what if you could walk around your home with a sense of comfort and ease, as you realize you don’t have to monitor every single moment for a possible meltdown? You may even feel compelled to write me (I hope you do!) like so many others have done, just to tell me about the amazing results you have found (or not).
The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide teaches every one of those critical lessons to you…in less than an hour! Can you imagine your toddler not learning to control their emotions as well as their peers… and how this will affect their relationships? Can you imagine the obvious pain of not getting invited because the problems that the toddler tantrums bring to everyone’s life?
Perhaps you can even imagine the tantrums spreading to the school, or the playground, or the ball field, and the effect on your toddler?
Ultimately, can you image year after year of struggle, frustration, anger and outbursts…that just keep getting worse?
Okay…then finally, let imagine a teenage body, with teenage hormones, reacting with teenage emotions, but filled with uncontrolled teenage-size toddler tantrums? And now instead, we see a happy, vibrant teenagerwho has the ability to resolve his emotions in a healthy and appropriate way. My step by step guide can save your family and prevent a future that is needlessly surrendered to detention, constant mental health counseling, endless timeouts, and threats of family court help just to bring sanity to the home.
Toddler Tantrums Do Not Make Your Toddler Happy… Even Though They Seem To Feed On The Tantrums! Once you understand the powerful lessons in the Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, you can dramatically change the future for you and your toddler.
You can download this program in 5 minutes, and The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide includes the key ingredient that has ended thousands of tantrums… within a week!

You’ll master a clear, simple plan that works for all ages and toddler personalities. You will know precisely what to say to your toddler to assure that the learning occurs quickly. You discover how to stop trying to avoid tantrums and use them to teach your toddler the proper way to react. The Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide gives you a clear, straight forward game plan that tells you exactly what you need to do and how to do it. However, if it doesn’t work for you, you will see that I stand behind this unconditionally. Do you REALLY want to keep struggling with fights over homework when you can be over this in a week or so? My grandmother always told me, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result, and even worse is doing nothing at all. In the time it takes to read another semi-worthless website article, you can download this action plan, and be on your way to a happier home. Many parents find it tempting to search endlessly on the Internet, reading opinion after opinion, and hoping that there will be some way to sort through the confusion, mixed messages and bad advice. But it is a simple solution, and it will worka€¦when you stick to the proven, clinically tested step-by-step program. I show you how to change your parenting response, how to master the tools to make a difference—and how to get your toddler to stop their tantrums… FAST! This is a downloadable e-book that you will receive within 10 minutes after your purchase. While I’m in the process of closing my practice, I still consult with a limited number of parents. At $200 per session, these parents invest approximately $1,200 to get the same information that you’re getting in this guide book. Of course, I’m able to hold their hand a little bit, and help them feel secure along the way.
Many of these questions come from parents reading a€?junk advicea€™ on the Internet, and Dr Cale explains how and why many of these a€?home-spuna€™ solutions, as well as professional advice can make things worse rather than betters. Also, after receiving 1000a€™s of emails over the years, Dr Cale has pulled these questions together, and answers them in a practical, easy to use set of directions that will clarify your thinking and your action.
Note: It will not be necessary for many parents to listen to this program, but it is available to you as part of this package, if you have an unusually challenging toddler. I am providing you an amazing FREE Bonus with my A-Z Parenting Collection of Parenting Tips. These articles touch upon everything from daily routines, to homework struggles, to responsibilities, to respect and disrespect, and sibling choices. This guide is included as a bonus that you get to keep, even if you decide this program isn’t right for you.
The Confident Child Program uses proven techniques that I have developed from my more than twenty years of experience in helping parents. Yet, these same parents have learned from my program that you absolutely can make a difference in creating self-confident children. I give so much in this package because I want you to not only get life changing information, but I want you as a life-time customer. I understand that if I use your professional, time proven step-by-step action plan, I will have a strategy to end tantrums once and for all. You will continue to find exhausting, embarrassing and frustrating tantrums that squash the joy in your home and rob you of normal family life. If your toddler doesn’t speak well yet, tell him what you think his tantrum is all about. If he doesn’t stop, take him and leave the place and punish him when you get home (time-out)!
We found it to be the most comprehensive, effective and inexpensive parenting solution out there.
I’ve tried ignoring them, in hopes that the lack of attention might help them fizzle out, but instead my daughter has taken to self injury. My son would not get dressed, he wouldn’t leave the house or the car, and I was always late.
Have you reached a point where you are ready to do what is necessary to give you and your family more stability? And you have likley read articles, reviewed comments on the Internet, and even perhaps talked to your pediatrician.
After many years of studying psychology and human behavior, I then went to get my Doctorate. We would construct a game plan based upon these clinical evaluations, and then… I would wait to see what happened. I began to think less about the diagnosis and much, much more about how parents should respond to the moment sitting right in front of them. This simple insight suddenly made teaching and coaching much, much easier…and the results came much faster! Ita€™s not only the greatest solution for treating tantrums ever — ita€™s also the most valuable, and it costs much less than taking your family out to lunch. Every day that passes without your toddler learning to get a handle on their emotions — it means that the habit gets stronger.
The more severe tantrums can stay around for years, and persist even through adolescence into adult years. I have also been interviewed hundreds of times as a parenting expert on the local and national news, such as NBC and Fox.
In fact, you never stood a chance because so much of what you have been taught is not accurate. If you just want to keep reading and thinking about fixing those tantrums, then this is not for you. Just imagine how it will feel when you read the Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide… just minutes from now. You will have a clear, rock-solid action plan that will tell you exactly what you must do…and what YOU must not do. My Stop Toddler Tantrums guide will teach you how to avoid having your whole world revolve around ugly, exhausting and frustrating toddler tantrums.
You want your toddler to have an easy childhood, with the ability to cope with disappointment and not getting what they want all the time.
And you can enjoy perhaps imagining the easy times of just being a family together without fear of a tantrum or meltdown. A responsible teen that communicates with words and appropriate, healthy emotions, who has left the toddler tantrums in the past. Not only do you save your time and energy, by not wasting it with endless theories that only work with some toddlers some of the time… but you get an action plan YOU CAN PUT TO WORK TODAY! This is key for rapid change… as this has an immediate effect on your tantrumming toddler.

Please dona€™t procrastinate, I want to help you… and this action plan will give you the tools to teach your toddler responsibility and end homework battles… for good! Not only can it get better, it will get better… and it will get better fast, if you invest in my Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide. When parents come to me with a tantruming toddler, they typically consult with me for four to six sessions.
But the bottom line is, that the same information that I give to them is contained in the Stop Toddler Tantrums step-by-step guide. You can call my office and invest in six sessions of parent coaching for $1,200, or you can invest in the Stop Toddler Tantrums guide and get started today!
This is a manual of published articles that I have selected from hundreds of articles I have written over the years.
While not a comprehensive guide book with all these topics, each article does give you a clear sense of the mistakes that you can make, and how to correct them. Youa€™ll learn that a completely distinctive response to your children can really make all the difference between their self-confidence and their self-doubt. The total value of these programs is $227.95, but you do not pay anything close to that today. You will have many questions that I can help you with, and once you see the value of these products, I feel certain that it is worth the risk. But importantly, for the small investment of $37, you get a proven step-by-step formula that will eliminate tantrums from your home.
So it’s very important to warn your child 10 minutes before leaving the park for instance, helping him prepare himself to go, to stop playing, to go to bed, etc. Praising your toddler’s good behavior will help him understand how better his life is and his relationship with you is when he has a good behavior.
Imagine, just a few days of using my precise, step-by-step formula… and you will be on track.
If so, just keep reading–so you can understand that there really is a solution that works like magic! Have you tried all the common methods, including negotiation, time-out, kindness, talking things out, angry threats, firmness, and maybe even a smack on the bottom? Of course, it was more training and learning about how to help change bad behavior to healthy behavior. It was like the focus on the temperment of the toddler, or the diagnostic label actually blinded me.
More importantly, the tantrums could come to rule your toddler’s emotions, and their happiness will be squashed. It’s like the Physician giving out medications that mask the symptoms at first, but the illness just gets worse and feeds off the medication.
It’s a pattern that your toddler has formed and unless you break that pattern right away, there just will be more suffering from more frequent, more intense tantrums. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and with my proven Stop Toddler Tantrums formula, that light is not that far away from you. Randy Cale and for 23+ years I’ve helped thousands of parents, just like you, master and overcome the daily struggles of parenting.
In addition, I created a weekly parenting segment for timewarner cable, which ran for over 2 years, entitled 9 on Parenting.
When I stumbled upon the parenting formula that seems to consistently and predictably work to get rid of all sorts of negative patterns, the results spread like a willd fire and many people became interested.
The softie approach won’t work, and the punitive hard nosed approach will just make your toddler more angry! I don’t waste time with hundreds of pages of useless information in the Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide.
With a plan, you’ll feel completely empowered and less stressed about taking your toddler out in public.
When you have read the Stop Toddler Tantrums Guide, you will quickly realize that you can easily master this key ingredient… and then they will learn to change by following your lead.
The goal is to give you as much information as possible to help you get through every future obstacle you may encounter.
They were exhausted from endless daily efforts to help build self-esteem and confidence, and many had tried years of therapy-all failing so obviously that their hopes of a confident child were being squashed. However, you can set up the right conditions so that your child learns how to build confidence from how you handle things (and with my Confident Child Program you will know exactly how to handle things in the right way Guaranteed!). Most importantly, you will be equipped with the tools for setting up the conditions that allow your child to get it on their own. I show you how to make certain that your child has the right experiences to learn to esteem themselves and not rely upon others to make them feel good! I want you to be happy, and I want you to keep reaching out for me when you have a need (I will show you how to do that). This program will change your toddler’s behavior, and put you on the path to freedom. Whenever he would give me a chore, I would often find him staring at me 15 minutes later while stating, a€?Stop fooling around. But if he rejects you and goes on with his tantrum, don’t hug him and be firm (but still calm).
Tell him how proud of him you are and feel free to discuss a past tantrum when your toddler is being nice as he’ll be more willing to listen to you and understand that toddler tantrums are not acceptable.
Not just toddler tantrums, but every form of behavioral struggle you can imagine… I have seen it and been through it.
This is just a sample of the wonderful opportunities which have come my way — as I have developed these parenting principles.
They were particularly interested because The Stop Toddler Tantrums Ebook seemed to stop tantrums in their tracks…and to do so quickly! And it will distract you from the real solution that you can start today… with my Stop Toddler Tantrums program.
With my system, instead of having a toddler, who becomes an out-of-control teen, you can have your toddler back in control of their emotions and living a normal, happy life (without the thought of therpay for the temper tantrum).
But you can set up your words, and actions, so that they learn very quickly how to handle their upsets with ease. In the Stop Toddler Tantrums guide, I teach you how this works, and why your toddler’s short term AND long term future depend upon mastering emotions early in life.
She can’t hurt herself in there, and it usually takes about 2 minutes for her to calm down.

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