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Toys can be divided into several groups, depending on the part of the child it helps to develop. Children need to have direct experience with the world in order to make sense of and learn about it.
Think of the coordination and balance they practice when they climb to the top of the jungle gym or the muscle control they develop when they put one more block on the tower without it falling down. Once you and the child have selected a toy, there are five simple "rules of play" to be aware of as a caregiver. People who study children's play have found that when caregivers play with them and slightly expand on what the children are doing, the quality of the play improves.
Infants are interested in looking at toys, touching them with their hands and mouth, fitting pieces of things together and making sense of their worlds. Toddlers also are interested in sensory materials such as paint, play dough, crayons, and chalk. Toddler's still put toys in their mouths, so you will need to watch for objects with small parts. As hand coordination increases, so does the child's interest in simple construction sets and more difficult puzzles. You may notice that preschool children play with many of the same toys as toddlers, but do so in different ways.
The Creativity Institute focuses on educational toys that allow creative options and encourage imagination, such as toy pianos and musical toys, easels and art supplies, puppets and puppet stages, wooden toys, soft play, climbers and building blocks. Brighten the eyes of your little princess with a Disney Princess palace, home to the beloved Cinderella and Snow White. Check out this two-story play house that is at the top of the list of the best baby and toddler toys 2012. Infants ages 6 months to 2 years can spend hours of playtime rolling this brightly colored ball across the ground.
Let your child’s imagination rule the roadways with this pull along, interactive car carrier. Save the environment without sacrificing on fun and excitement with one of the best baby and toddler toys 2012. Create a simple yet stimulating baby play area using open-ended toys made from natural materials and incorporating some philosophies from Montessori and Reggio thinking.
When baby Bean was newborn we put together a baby play space based on Reggio ideas of simplicity, light and real materials, and that included no plastic toys or electronic gizmos. These are pretty much the only toys that she has now, after I cleared out 4 large boxes worth of plastic, brightly coloured, electronic nonsense a few weeks back!
The girls have really been enjoying playing here together in this new space and the lambskin rug has become a favourite spot for reading together. Well done for sorting out, and getting rid of the Plastique and the Bleepy!I visited a friend yesterday whose 12-month-old was obsessed with some large paint tins they had stored in a corner of the kitchen.
I recently cleared out our kitchen closet & made a kitchen playspace for my 2 year old. Can you please provide links to each toy that are in the pictures when you find a few minutes? Welcome to Revoluza, a network that combines the addictive adult entertainment industry with the lucrative online business world. Backed by an effective direct selling marketing strategy, Revoluza offers you an opportunity to make money while managing and promoting your own Tube-Site. Explore the rest of the site to learn more about joining Revoluza, an unstoppable online community.
I sort of did things like this without even realising that this is what I had done… thanks for the post, really enjoyed looking through it.
Could you post some play areas for kids that are past 18 months too, I have a 14 month old and wanting to see what would be appropriate for older kids, thanks! A wagon can help develop children's muscles and also be used as the "ambulance" in a hospital game. Give an empty cardboard box to a child and watch all the things it becomes - a train, house, or cage at the zoo. As children master their toys - as they finish a puzzle, ride a trike, or blow a bubble - they develop a sense of power. Playing with toys in a group helps children discover how others think and feel and what brings approval or disapproval. In fact, studies show that children watch an average of 30 hours of television a week, and many people feel that is too much. The secret is to balance television time with other activities and to help children get the most out of that television time. When children come to you and say, "I don't have anything to do!", you can help them choose a toy or game. After playing for awhile at the child's pace, introduce a slightly more difficult stage of play. Also, watch out for items, such as paint and chalk, as toddlers think it is great fun to eat these! They have more control of their muscles at this age and this can be seen in the move from a tricycle to a two-wheel bike. They can manage more difficult creative projects, and enjoy cutting and simple sewing projects, in addition to the paint and play dough of earlier stages.

Toys occupy less time for this age group because children spend more and more time playing with friends in groups. They begin to make use of reading and writing skills, as well as their improved muscle control. One complaint that people have about television is that children want everything they see in commercials. Make a poster or a display to show your club what you have learned about toy safety, toy-making, or toy selection.
Recommended for kids 6 months to 3 years, the Rhyme & Discover Book combines rhythm and rhyme with nursery favorites.
Complete with Little People figurines, this house opens up to five living areas including a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, laundry room and living room. From the sitting phase to when an infant starts to walk, the Ballapalooza will continue to engage your child.
This walker encourages muscle development and hand-eye coordination as it assists in helping a baby pull up.
Help your child as they work on develop their gross motor skills as he grabs the shooting balls. Constructed from durable, thick plastic, this vehicle will last many crashes and collisions. This fire truck is made from recycled HDPE #2 plastic from milk jugs and packaged in 100 percent recyclable materials printed with soy ink. Now that she is sitting up, crawling and pulling up to stand already (please slow down baby girl!) her play space has moved to a safe area on the floor with a few new additions, and both she and her sisters love playing in it.
Reggio philosophies talk highly of including plenty of mirrors and natural light, so we used some acrylic mirror tiles behind some toys and a large stand up mirror which can be moved and repositioned. She is very happy with these items and plays mainly with real objects anyway, hence reiterating the good common sense behind the heuristic play argument.
We have plenty in our house but I wanted to start with the baby toys that really served only one function and were not promoting much thinking or curiosity. Because they were heavy with paint they were stable, irresistible due to the sturdy plastic handles, and the lids(impossible to remove)made them the perfect drum-kit. My little boy is almost 6 months old and I have been trying to decide what to buy him for Christmas and how to avoid all the plastic. By attracting an online audience and recruiting new members into the network, you have the potential to make thousands in monthly revenue. Children need a balance of toys from each of these groups to ensure their whole development. Next time you see children rocking horses or riding bikes, notice the muscles they are using. They learn what happens when they share the truck they are playing with or when they refuse to share and the truck is taken from them.
It may not be okay for them to use their energy to jump on the bed, but it is almost always okay for them to use it to ride a trike or bike. Remember how children need to be actively involved with real things in order to develop their muscles and their minds? Children automatically play with a good toy; they do not have to be forced or tricked into it. For example, if a child can build a tower of five blocks, encourage him or her to try seven. After children learn to do something new by themselves, you can get involved again and suggest another new activity. As you read the following suggestions on toys for different ages, remember, there are no perfect lists of toys. Toys should be large enough so they cannot be swallowed and they should have no small attached pieces (like eyes on a stuffed animal or bells on a shaker) that could be pulled off and swallowed. As infants begin to walk or crawl, they also will be interested in push-pull toys and balls.
They also are interested in doing things with their hands as the small muscles in their fingers become more developed. Since children at this age also are busy learning to read and write, give them play equipment that encourages these interests.
There are fewer safety concerns in this stage, but sharp or cutting toys and electrical toys are still too dangerous. Early school-age children start to show more awareness of sex role stereotypes, that is, what girls and boys are supposed to do. They can do many things for themselves now; they previously needed your help with reading stories, doing more complicated, creative, and craft projects, and acting out stories by themselves. Think about what you would do if a child asked you for a toy that was too advanced for him or her. Read the suggested books in the resource section for ideas or get a book on homemade toys from your public library. This year surprise the little ones in your life with play-sets that illicit excitement and joy.
Featuring Little People characters, this palace is compatible with other Little People figures to make for unlimited play time opportunities.
Featuring an elaborate maze of tubes and tunnels constructed from brightly colored, durable plastic, this toy will provide endless stimulation.

Get ready to watch your baby take his first steps thanks to the sturdy handle used for pulling up with on the walker with ease.
The lively popping feature is activated by air that shoots through the toy using a battery operated motor; 4 D batteries are required but not included.
Rolling and pulling the ball using the colorful ribbons extended from the ball helps to develop motor skills and muscle development. Encourage learning by pressing the variety of buttons that announce numbers, colors and phrases related to driving. Let your infant ride in style while pretending to crank the engine and steer using the decorative steering wheel.
Rest assured that your child will not be exposed to harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, or external coatings with this green toy.
It’s very simple but ever since I did it, my daughter has been playing in it constantly. I have just ordered some of the tree blocks and the rainbow stacker and hope to set up a play area for him similar to yours!
Look at me." As a caregiver, you often may find children want to show you what they can do with their toys. Toys that can be used in a variety of ways keep children's interest longer than those with only one use. Also, remember that it is important to choose toys based on a child's particular age and interests. Appropriate infants toys include: rattles, squeak toys, blocks, crib mobiles, stacking toys and rings, push-pull toys, stuffed animals or dolls, nested boxes or cups, books with rhymes, simple picture books, noise making toys, small soft toys for throwing, strings of beads (large, plastic), and music-making toys.
Toddlers enjoy balloons, but caregivers should be careful to keep uninflated or broken balloons out of reach. They enjoy realistic toys such as farm and animal sets, grocery store prop boxes, model cars, and trains.
Your role may be "behind the scenes" or as a member of an audience more often than as a participant. These include games that use simple number skills and increased coordination, such as dominoes, jacks, or marbles. Infant gifts, such as dollhouses, miniature vehicles and walkers, help physical and mental development while keeping kids happy and entertained. Seven popular nursery rhymes and easy to turn pages encourage playing, thinking, and learning.
Place Baby in the rocking basinet or high chair, while Mom and Dad lounge in the living room.
Drop the included eight plastic balls into the openings and guess from which tube they will emerge. Reward your child’s efforts with the trio of musical tunes that are activated with the press of a button.
Press the buttons around the ball to hear cheerful animal sounds while stimulating tactical stimulation. The fire truck does not include any metal axles, thereby making it completely safe for infants of all ages. For example, when they reach for a toy, let them get it instead of dangling it then snatching it away. During this period, toddlers become interested in playing with others and in imitating grown-up activities.
As you shop for the babies and toddlers in your life, start by adding the best baby and toddler toys 2012 to your holiday shopping list. Colorful details adorn this purple, green and off-white house, while your little girl or boy will bring the house to life with hours of playtime and pretending. Your child will have a ball pushing the horn button, as well as driving up to three included vehicles a€“ a tow truck, car and jeep a€“ up onto the car carrier. Meanwhile you are at the wheel thanks to the handle extended in the rear, which allows you to push this buggy along on its generous poly wheels.
Play indoors or outdoors with this eco-friendly toy that comes equipped with 2 removable ladders and a roof ladder that extends and spins 360 degrees for extended play.
We absolutely adore Playmobil, lego and duplo and of course they are all made from plastic, so the emphasis was more on the type of toy, rather than what it was made from.
In fact, you may have watched infants open presents and noticed that they spent more time playing with the ribbon and wrapping than with the toy inside. When an adult pays attention to children's play, they feel worthwhile and gain self-confidence.
As a caregiver, you need to make sure a 6-year-old's marbles cannot be reached by a 1-year-old.
Also included with the car carrier are three animals that fit snuggly into the smaller cars and the car carrier. Tuck some snacks or an extra layer of clothing in the small trunk in the front end of the buggy, and you and your toddler will be set for a day filled with adventures. Soon everything in their grasp becomes a toy for dropping - bottles, spoons, balls, and even bowls of food.

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